Andrew Zimmern Just Revealed His Top 5 Favorite Dishes

Andrew Zimmern is no stranger to exotic flavors from around the world. With shows such as "Bizarre Foods" under his belt, a lifetime of international travel, and countless restaurant and food focused endeavors, Zimmern has obviously eaten some exciting dishes over the years. While some are less tempting to the Western palate, he has certainly made a name for himself as an adventurous eater. If you're wondering whether his favorite meals match the wildest ones, you'll be relieved to know that Zimmern enjoys many dishes that are easy to get on board with.

In a recent Instagram post, Zimmern shows off a deliciously appetizing plate of Sichuan-style pork belly. He describes it as being one of his top all-time favorite dishes when it is properly made. According to Zimmern, the pork belly should first be blanched or poached before slicing it "paper-thin". He explains that the pork is then tossed with spicy chili sauce, and cooked with Sichuan peppercorns, fresh or dried chili peppers, and plenty of leek. It's not hard to see why this is one of Zimmern's favorites — though you'll need to have a taste for spice if you plan to sample Sichuan-style cooking. Zimmern had the chance to try it first hand in Chengdu, China in Season 4, Episode 14 of "Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel.

What other dishes does Zimmern love?

Steamed mussels are among the meals Andrew Zimmern can't get enough of, which he attributes on his website to his childhood collecting mussels in Long Island with his family. Thanks to summers spent on the coast enjoying freshly harvested seafood, Zimmern also counts cold shellfish salads as one of his top five favorites. He shares a recipe for a Vietnamese-style seafood salad for Food & Wine, remarking that the contrast of flavors and textures is heavenly and easily adaptable. Whether he's in Vietnam or in the USA, Zimmern enjoys an ever-changing variety of fish-based salads.

Aside from pork and fresh seafood, Zimmern is a huge fan of chicken, going so far as to tell Midwest Living, "I'm probably the most chicken-obsessed person you'll ever talk to." While he devours any style of chicken cooked the local way, Zimmern credits his grandmother's classic pan roasted chicken with gravy as being the recipe that developed his love for the bird. Even after tasting exotic flavors worldwide for a living, comfort food can still be as simple and wholesome as your grandmother's roast chicken.

Finally, in his Instagram post, Zimmern affirms that he would wolf down any kind of dumpling from any origin. Some form of a doughy wrapper filled with delicious flavors is common in countless countries worldwide. Whether he's enjoying Chinese siu mai, Polish pierogi, Indian muthia, or dozens more, Zimmern can't get enough of these delightful packages of flavor.