The Cheap Beer Brand 25% Of People Would Never Drink

While some people are such beer aficionados that they wouldn't dream of consuming anything but a craft brew, the fact is, macrobrews (aka draughts from a large national or international brewery) still sell in the millions. According to Just Beer, to even have this name means the plant is producing 6 million barrels of beer every year. This would seem to indicate that some people — dare we say, most people — are still drinking them regularly.

And really beer isn't supposed to be some kind of trial by endurance — we all like what we like and there's not a thing wrong with that. Still, beer preferences don't just come down to micro vs macro or import vs domestic. Even the big labels have their individual flavor profiles, and not everyone's a fan of each and every single one. 

Mashed conducted a poll to find out which budget beer brand is actually the least popular, and we've got to say, the results tabulated from 637 beer drinkers are pretty evenly split.

One of the "Best" is actually the least popular cheap beer

We presented participants with a choice of six beers to vote for, some of them being super-cheap brands and others just standard mid-range macros. The list included Budweiser, Busch, Icehouse, Keystone, Milwaukee's Best, and Natural Ice. Unsurprisingly, one of America's best-loved brews (the one with the Clydesdales) came out on the bottom of our least-favorite list with Budweiser nabbing just 11.15% of the vote. 

Icehouse and Busch were also in the same ballpark, with 11.30% and 11.93%, respectively, not willing to write them off, while Keystone was in the middle with 17.27% giving it the thumbs-down. Natural Ice, however, was out of favor with 23.39% of respondents, while right at the top, the one beer that 24.96% of our respondents would decline if offered, was Milwaukee's Best.

In defense of its namesake city, we'd like to point out that this beer is hardly the best that Brewtown has to offer. As Milwaukee Magazine points out, there's also Schlitz, Pabst, and Miller on the macro side of things, as well as micros from craft brewers Sprecher and Lakefront. As a matter of civic pride, the city might want to request that Milwaukee's Best change its name, come to think of it.