Anthony Bourdain Fans On Reddit Reveal What They Really Thought Of Him

Anthony Bourdain was never one to hold back. With razor-sharp wit and an equally sharp tongue, he was an unapologetically frank chef, author, and host. While his shows "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" and "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" are widely loved, it was arguably his book "Kitchen Confidential" that really connected with people.

His fans include fellow chefs and celebrities alike, even those who have nothing to do with the food and restaurant industries. From Gordon Ramsay and Emeril Lagassé to host Phil Rosenthal and former President Barack Obama, some very high-profile names appreciated Bourdain (via CinemaBlend). He was so loved indeed that after his death his close friends, chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés, even dubbed his birthday (June 25th) "Bourdain Day" (via Eater).

It's clear that Bourdain holds a special place for a lot of people. Leading up to the release of the documentary "Roadrunner," which is based on Bourdain's life, one Reddit user posed a question to Anthony Bourdain fans: What was it about him that his fans love so much even today?

Many Anthony Bourdain fans love his writing and repeatability

Bourdain fans wrote a string of replies on the Reddit thread explaining what made Bourdain so exceptional. Some users said that they love Bourdain for his writing. The1Mia cited lines where Bourdain talks about how a kitchen is a last-resort refuge for misfits like him to find a new home. The Redditor explained that fans "felt connected to his words and like he understood us and could empathize with us and understood what we go through everyday."

Other fans especially loved Bourdain for his honesty and ability to eat and appreciate everything. Bandwagon03 wrote that Bourdain "reveled in meals from first class restaurants, to lowly Street food with the common man. A great writer as well." Bourdain could seemingly connect with people from all walks of life and valued the local food, local people, and the local cultures of the countries that he visited. His ability to connect with everybody is perhaps why user nutellaeater declared that "out of all celebrity chefs [Bourdain is] the only one I would have beer with."

Redditor mrEcks42 credited Bourdain's book "Kitchen Confidential" with helping them see food in a new way: "I was 22, half homeless, lost in the sauce. Waiting made me want to work in restaurants for the family. KC made me want to [be a] chef. It opened my eyes to what food is and can be."