The Strange Reason Busy Philipps Refuses To Eat Papaya

When it comes to food, actress Busy Philipps is one person who's a big fan of homemade wholesome dishes. She has her favorites too. She told Eat This, Not That!, "One of my go-to brunch dishes that's easy and relatively healthy, depending on what you throw in it, is a frittata." She said that she especially likes making the dish healthier by adding plenty of yummy vegetables to her meal. Cheese makes an appearance too, by the way. Makes total sense!

The star also really likes snacking on healthy options like garlic guacamole. She said, "I make a really good roasted garlic guac. That is like my favorite guacamole recipe ever, it's so delicious. And anytime I make it for people, they freak out and they have to have the recipe." When it comes to food items that she simply cannot handle, papayas are at the top of the list. She's not a fan of the fruit.

She thinks it's gross

In July 2021, Busy Philipps told Eat This, Not That! that papayas don't appeal to her at all. "I've never been a fan of papaya. To me, it smells and tastes like stinky feet. But yeah, some people love it, so I don't know," she said. Oops.

The actress is fun in the kitchen, though, and is open to new ideas. She posted a photo of adorable cookies on Instagram and wrote, "We can always agree that Grammy themed cookies are a good idea." Indeed! Also, she told Delish that she likes to make food interesting for her kids by adding tweaks such as "animal-shaped toothpicks" to their lunchboxes. Philipps also makes sure to include her daughters, Birdie and Cricket, in the process by letting them choose interesting shapes. 

Plus, she loves working with desserts and preparing gorgeous cakes for birthdays that are lovingly decorated and customized for her kids.