Michael Mina Reveals What It's Like To Cook For The President - Exclusive

When it comes to dishing out some of the best meals that could ever grace your table, no one does it like Michael Mina. As a Michelin-ranked chef, Mina built a restaurant empire after helming San Francisco's AQUA, received accolades from Bon Appétit and the James Beard Foundation, and has found his way onto the "Today Show" and Food Network (via Michael Mina). With an impressive list of achievements, any chef could feel intimidated by Mina's presence, especially if they had to receive a critique from the master himself.

Contestants had to give it their all when they did just that on one of the most recent episodes of "MasterChef: Legends" (via Gold Derby). Participants found different cuts of beef under their mystery box, and some contenders had to prepare beef cheek, sweetbread, short rib, and more. Despite the variety of ingredients, Mina astounded everyone with his cooking prowess and feedback. You couldn't expect less from this chef who has seen it all, including cooking for U.S. presidents. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Mina explained what it was like cooking for three presidents and even remembered a particularly fun moment that took the chef by surprise.

This president requested some baking tips, according to Michael Mina

Not everyone has the chops to cook for the president of the United States, but Michael Mina took it to the next level when he served up dishes to three separate presidents over the course of his career, including presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. These experiences made a lasting impression on the chef and helped give him a new perspective on food. "I grew up in a small town in Washington state," Mina explained. "I was an immigrant from Egypt and the fact that you get to cook for the president of the United States — and not just get to cook for him — cooking for somebody is something that, as we all know, is very personal." After his duties as chef ended, Mina got some presidential feedback: "Then you get to talk to him. They comment to you about what they ate. It's pretty surreal actually."

After cooking for three different presidents, one particular experience took Mina by surprise. "I can tell you, President Clinton, he actually came to the restaurant, my restaurant in Vegas... and he was obsessed with learning how the bread was made," Mina continued. "He was all over. We were in the kitchen. I didn't expect that. He literally probably spent 15 minutes at the bread oven. I didn't expect that."

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