Gordon Ramsay Announced A New Location For His Restaurant Lucky Cat

In a celebratory announcement on Twitter, Gordon Ramsay announced that a new location for his restaurant Lucky Cat will be opening up in South Beach, Miami in 2022. The tweet was accompanied by a video that was 25 seconds long and detailed the city's bustling nightlife and the lavish ambiance of the restaurant.

Per the Michelin Guide, Lucky Cat is a restaurant that serves Asian-inspired cuisine, from ox heart and bacon skewers to smoked brisket bao, according to its London location's menu.

It also has an extensive selection of cocktails, as detailed in Ramsay's tweet. With his large fanbase that he's amassed from his TV shows, other restaurants, and even his TikTok account, it is evident that many people are excited about his new venture's opening. You can see this firsthand in the tweet's responses, with one user writing, "Oh to be back in Miami and eating my favourite style of food." But what many Americans might not be aware of is the fire that Ramsay was under two years ago during the London opening of his restaurant.

Lucky Cat's previous controversy

When the original Lucky Cat opened in London in 2019, it became the source of controversy and a topic of cultural appropriation. According to Hot Dinners, the restaurant was described to be inspired from, "the drinking dens of 1930s Tokyo and the Far East." Along with this branding, Ramsay stated that his restaurant was an "authentic Asian Eating House," which many in the food space did not take too lightly.

This included food critic Angela Hui, who called Ramsay out for cultural appropriation through a series of Instagram posts and a review in Eater. Ramsay, rather than agreeing with Hui, had instead said that she was posting on social media in an effort to defame him, which many still consider as a controversial response (via Instagram).

So as the celebrity chef opens a new branch of his restaurant in the States, we can only wonder if the same controversy will follow over.