Trader Joe's Fans Can't Stop Talking About Its Olive Wood Cutting & Serving Board

Hear ye! Hear ye! Trader's Joe's customer-beloved Olive Wood Cutting and Serving Board is back, but only for a limited time. We first heard of the good news from Instagram account @TraderJoesList, who spotted the olive wood board at their neighborhood Trader Joe's just a day or so ago. According to the post, TJ's olive wood boards are retailing for $24.99 per board and can be used for meal prep, cheese boards, serving finger foods, or as a decorative tray should you find its beauty too alluring for food purposes.

This board is very similar to the olive boards that Trader Joe's sold at the beginning of this year in January, the only difference being their shape (via Trader Joe's Reviews). Per the blog, the serving board isn't the only olive wood-based merchandise the chain sells. Trader Joe's also has olive wood serving bowls and a serving spoon; however, they usually only come out around the holidays from October to January, so you'll need to keep an eye out. After hearing that, it's no wonder TJ's shoppers can't stop raving about the Olive Wood Cutting and Serving Board — it's available three months early.

Trader Joe's customers say the Olive Wood Cutting & Serving Board lasts for life

The news that Trader Joe's Olive Wood Cutting and Serving Board is back for a limited time is all the buzz among the Trader Joe's community and fan accounts and blogs. Instagram account @TraderJoesAfficionado posted about it, too, saying it's their "favorite of the Olive Wood items," TJ's sells. Per the product photos, the olive board is made from Tunisian olive trees that are no longer able to produce olives. The dying trees are removed from the grove and repurposed and hand-carved into beautiful olive wood cutting boards.

It's high-quality wood for a bargain price of $24.99, and TJ's fans are over the moon about it. One follower called this board a "must have," while others mentioned they've had their olive wood boards for forever and they still look just as new. Back on @TraderJoesList's post, many fans said they'd be hitting up their TJ's location to snag a board before it's gone. Some added they use the board as a decorative tray in their kitchen whereas a few other shoppers said they make the perfect gifts. Bottom line: you need one of these boards in your life.