Wolfgang Puck's Surprising Trick Will Change The Way You Make Salads

Salad is an anytime staple and is the dish that can really set the tone for the rest of your meal. Whether you are creating a beautiful and colorful vegetable salad with the perfect lettuce, or crafting one that explores various leafy greens, fruits, and cheeses, salad is all about layers, textures, and the seasoning that turns these ingredients into perfection. But getting a salad right is not as easy as simply tossing some raw ingredients into a bowl and serving. There is definitely an art to turning what is often called "rabbit food" into a meal that you not only enjoy, but crave. This is one of the many reasons we are loving a trick that a famed Beverly Hills chef shared with fans while answering Twitter questions on the Wired YouTube channel. 

When you are Wolfgang Puck, people are always seeking out your culinary advice, and luckily the award winning chef is all too happy to share his tips and tricks to make cooking in your own home a little more enjoyable and definitely tastier. Puck definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to making a salad, and one of the tools he uses when he makes his is a game-changer. Seriously, your salad will forever be changed by using this one item that has become the "it" piece of kitchen equipment.  

Use a sheet pan when seasoning your greens

As cooking trends have proven, sheet pans are for more than just baking your favorite cookies or biscuits. Sheet pans are really having their culinary moment, and rightly so. These pans are the unassuming kitchen gear that have shown they have a multitude of uses, including when you are making a salad. Puck took to YouTube to offer "Restaurant Support," in which he was quizzed about how restaurant chefs make their food so pretty when they serve it. During the course of sharing his trick to use edible flowers to up the presentation of this dish — or any dish — Puck revealed that he likes to season his salad on a sheet pan. 

Why a sheet pan? So he can "keep the leaves beautifully separated" as he sprinkles salt and pepper, along with some vinegar and oil, on his greens and lovingly tosses them to coat each leaf. The result: perfectly seasoned salad that touches all of your leafy foundation. Genius, right? This trick really does give you control over the even distribution of your salad seasonings. Not to mention, you will be creating a delicious, crunchy, and satisfying salad that family and friends will not only enjoy eating, but will keep them coming back for seconds.