28% Think This Is The Worst Doritos Flavor

Anyone who has wandered the snack food aisle at the grocery store and browsed the chip selection knows that there are now quite a few varieties of Doritos available for purchase. You might only remember the classic Nacho Cheese variety from your childhood, but now there's something for every palette. If you prefer the classics, you can opt for Cool Ranch (via Doritos). Those who like a little heat might prefer to sample the Spicy Nacho flavor, Spicy Sweet Chili, or even one of the FLAMIN' HOT varieties. Or, if you like your crunchy snacks in a different shape than the standard triangular tortilla chip, try out the 3D varieties or the special DINAMITA Chile Limon rolled chips, which are shaped like little rolls of crunchy heaven.

The point is, anyone looking to pick up a bag of Doritos has a lot of flavor options, and may find themselves stumped by exactly which type to get. While it's ultimately a matter of personal preference, there's one flavor you just might want to shy away from, based on the data alone. Mashed conducted a survey of 593 individuals in the United States and asked which flavor of Doritos they thought was the worst. The winner — or perhaps the loser, depending on how you look at things — was the Poppin' Jalapeño variety, which received 28.16% of the vote. Though jalapeños may be a staple for spicy food lovers, many apparently do not enjoy that flavor on their Doritos.

A few other flavors to think twice about

So, you are steering clear of the Poppin' Jalapeño flavor... but which other Doritos might you want to think twice about before purchasing, especially if you have never had them before? Coming in at a close second is the spicy sweet chili flavor, with 26.98% of respondents declaring that to be the worst flavor. Though the competing flavors of sweet and spicy are a popular combination in so many dishes, it apparently does not work quite as well in Doritos. Third was the salsa verde flavor with 19.56% of votes. It seems that while many love to dip regular tortilla chips in actual salsa verde, they don't want that same flavor as a powdery coating on their crunchy snack fare. The classic cool ranch flavor has a reasonable amount of fans, as only 13.32% picked that one as the worst of the bunch in terms of Doritos flavors.

If you are looking to purchase a crowd-pleasing snack, it seems that with Doritos, sticking to the classics is the way to go. Of all the respondents weighing in on Doritos flavor preferences, only 6.41% considered the classic nacho cheese Doritos to be the worst flavor. And, adding a little spice apparently makes that particular flavor even better, as the spicy nacho flavor clocked in at 5.56% of votes. While it's worth trying a few of the wacky flavors once, it seems the classics reign supreme in this case.