The Smart Hack To Butter A Potful Of Boiled Corn At Once

When you take your first, juicy bite of corn on the cob at a backyard barbecue, you know it's officially summer! Fresh corn is a genuine highlight of the warm-weather season. This versatile vegetable meshes well with a large variety of flavors, including hot dogs and hamburgers, and requires no utensils to consume. From a simple corn casserole side dish, to 5-ingredient Mexican street corn you'll make again and again, the possibilities are endless for this summer produce star.

Corn on the cob and butter go together like peanut butter and jelly, and for good reason. Creamy, salty butter slathered on top of sweet corn kernels bursting with flavor is a true match made in heaven. While the magnificent combination of butter and corn may be delicious, it can be a little messy in practice. If you're trying to avoid sticky fingers while buttering your corn, read on to discover a smart hack that's as fresh as those kernels. This quick and easy trick will have you feasting on corn all season long.

Amaze everyone at your BBQ with this neat corn hack

Did you know that you can butter corn while you cook it? Most people add butter to their corn after it's already been cooked, but according to Chowhound, this cooking hack will allow you to add a rich, buttery flavor to a potful of corn all at once. This technique is particularly useful for larger outdoor barbecues or summer events when you'll be cooking up ear after ear of corn.

First, remove your boiled corn from the potful of water. Then, place tablespoons of cut, unsalted butter straight into the hot water pot — there should be less than one tablespoon for each ear of corn that needs buttering. Next, using a pair of tongs, grip each ear of corn, and swish it around in the hot water, coating its kernels in butter. All of the melted tablespoons of butter should be drifting on the surface of the water. Just like that, your corn is buttered and ready to be nibbled on. Now all that's left to do is get cooking. Don't waste any time, summer won't last forever!

Looking to cook up some corn tonight? It makes a great side dish!