This Was The 'Longest Meal Of Ladd's Life,' According To Ree Drummond

When two people start dating and reach the inevitable point when one person finally cooks for the other, it can be a particularly tricky thing to pull off. No one wants to offend or disappoint their S.O. and their efforts, so they tend to act polite and go along with whatever the meal may hold — even if they don't like it. This is definitely true for one of the earliest meals "The Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond made for her husband Ladd. "If you knew anything about Osage County men, it's all about meat, potatoes, and chocolate pie or lemon meringue pie," she told Southern Living (via Cheat Sheet).

While Drummond was actually a vegetarian prior to dating Ladd, she apparently still adored dishes like linguine with clam sauce (via Yahoo!). Since she loved the meal so much, Drummond decided to make it for Ladd one day, but little did she know just what a bad choice that was for him. Though she would learn much later just why, it would be well after the actual meal had passed.

This is why Ree's linguine with clam sauce was the 'longest meal' for Ladd

Drummond explained to Southern Living that she had piled Ladd's pasta bowl high with the long pasta and clam sauce to ensure he had plenty to devour. Later in the evening, Ladd had to step away from the dinner table to answer a call. What he didn't expect was that he'd return to another bowl stacked high with a second helping of the pasta and clam sauce. "I just doubled up the plate and piled more," Ree remembered. And though Ladd ate it all, it was a long night of faking actually enjoying it.

Eventually, and well after the date had passed, Ladd finally owned up to why that meal wasn't his favorite. "He doesn't eat clams. He likes shrimp and lobster, but not clams, and not in spaghetti that's hard to eat," Ree explained. Clearly, two huge helpings of linguine with clam sauce definitely doesn't add up to a favorite meal for her now husband, but thankfully Ree has plenty more recipes he does love.