Alfonso Ribeiro Hates Pickles. Here's Why - Exclusive

Pickles can be quite a divisive thing to put on a sandwich, and not everyone is a fan of the spears even on the side — including Alfonso Ribeiro. During an exclusive interview, Mashed recently sat down to talk with Ribeiro to discuss all things sad lunches and the greatness of Cheez-It Snap'd. What Ribeiro taught us along the way is just how much he dislikes pickles. Though he doesn't hate them as much as those with a pickle phobia, some of the same characteristics that keep those with a fear of them away are also why Ribeiro steers clear of them.

"Well, I don't like the taste, the feel when you bite into one," Ribeiro told Mashed. The texture is part of the issue, but for Ribeiro, what it really comes down to is the flavor. Those with phobias of pickles are averse to the combination of sweet, sour, and bitter (via Health Search Funding). However, Ribeiro simply hates how overpowering they can be.

It's all about the flavor

"For some reason, when you go to a fast-food chain and you get a burger and they put the pickles on it and you bite it ... that's the only taste you get. It covers the meat, it covers the cheese, it covers the ketchup, it covers everything," Ribeiro said. "Just take the pickles out. That's all you can taste," he added. Clearly, when Ribeiro orders a sandwich or burger, he's all about everything else stacked up between the bread.

But he is not totally against fermented cucumbers. "I can understand people who have a sandwich and then bite a pickle. We're not going to kill the pickle industry. We're going to let the pickle industry survive," Ribeiro joked. To make amends with the pickle-makers and lovers of the world, Ribeiro added, "my wife loves the pickles. It's just me." So if your paths cross and you ever have the pleasure of making a sandwich or burger for Alfonso Ribeiro, just don't forget to leave the pickles far away from his plate.

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