Alton Brown's Gross Twitter Question Has Sparked Debate

Alton Brown has set the Twitter world ablaze yet again with another one of his #CulinaryTruths, and fair warning: it's not for those with a weak stomach. Taking to his account on Thursday, July 22, the Food Network star sparked another major debate among his followers by asking a fair, but totally gross question. "#CulinaryTruth Complete this question: The worst food to throw up is –" (via Twitter). See? Gross, right? (Sorry; we tried to warn you.)

If you're starting to feel a bit queasy right about now, you might not want to read any further and instead go grab a ginger ale to try and calm your stomach. As disgusting as it may seem to think about your past upchucks, it turns out that a number of Brown's Twitter followers had some thoughts on the topic. At the time of this writing, the chef's tweet has elicited over 2,600 responses from people sharing their worst regurgitation experiences, and let's just say, some of their stories are more colorful than you could imagine.

We don't recommend reading the responses while eating a meal

Responses to Alton Brown's latest #CulinaryTruth tweet were all over the map, ranging from spicy chili to cooked beetroot — the look of which user @Viggosdaddy likened to spewing out your liver. "Thanks for that image!" Brown wrote in response (via Twitter). Another shared their experience of having hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, which is a severe case of nausea and vomiting that caused their popcorn to make a return. "The hulls get stuck on the way up just like they do on the way down," user @Dara3 shared.

We'll go ahead and let you decide if you want to head to the Twitter thread and read more of the responses, though we don't recommend scrolling through them while you're sitting down for a meal. And for those who don't think they can stomach any more of the stories, Brown took the liberty of offering a report on the status of the debate in a follow-up tweet this morning. "Still going through all the responses so far but spaghetti is in the lead. I'll keep you updated," he shared.