Bobby Flay Just Shared His Top 3 Fitness Tips With Geoffrey Zakarian

In the most recent episode of his colleague's podcast, "Four Courses with Geoffrey Zakarian," Bobby Flay divulged his top three fitness tips, which were working out in the morning, having portion control, and not snacking late at night.

Flay raved about pilates and noted that he just got back from a class before the podcast recording. The chef explained that his morning workout provides him with a sense of wakefulness and productivity for the rest of the day. The restauranter loves fitness and has been a runner for most of his life, but enjoys stretching and low-impact exercises too.

In addition, we know Bobby Flay for his amazing culinary skills and fabulous restaurants, but the chef admits that not clearing his entire plate is one of his biggest tips for staying in shape. You might find this a bit ironic for a person whose whole career revolves around food, but Flay also uses the logic that if something is not good, he doesn't keep eating it. Now there's the celebrity food judge shining through!

Flay's habits have changed throughout the years

Bobby Flay admitted during the interview with Zakarian how he hasn't always thought about when or how much to eat (via Apple Podcasts). As a young chef, he was eating a lot after his night shifts, when he and fellow shifts would gather at restaurants like Blue Ribbon for steaks, fried chicken, and wine until late into the night. Flay explained that this habit led to weight gain. That, combined with eating everything on his plate, inspired Flay to change his behaviors around food. Today, he has the philosophy to eat only "three-quarters" of what's in front of him.

In addition, Flay turned to pilates because he was always running and standing in the kitchen. As a result, he experienced pains from both his hobby as a marathoner and his career as a chef. These mat and equipment exercises can strengthen your core and improve posture — the perfect counterbalance for someone hunching in the kitchen (via Healthline). Now, the TV personality is a strong believer in the popular form of exercise.