Instagram Is Divided On Aarón Sánchez's Armpit Tattoo

"Dude, not everybody has an armpit tattoo," chef Aarón Sánchez declared, showing his new tattoo of Pancho Villa in a video on Instagram. Responses to the new tattoo range all over with some shouting "DOPE!!!" about Sánchez's newest addition to his body ink collection and others questioning both the wisdom of getting a tattoo on one's armpit and in choosing Pancho Villa as the inhabitant of that armpit. One person asked, "Why would you do that in your armpit??" To which another noted that Sánchez had no space for tattoos anywhere else.

Authority Tattoo writes that even though getting a tattoo anywhere will hurt, only those with a high pain tolerance should go for a tattoo in the armpit. The site reports that according to others who've had one, getting a tattoo on the armpit hurts worse than any other spot on the body. This is because the armpit hosts a collection of nerve endings, glands, and soft skin. The chef also implied it was an excruciating experience, remarking, "Do you know how much pain is around this? But I powered through." So you maybe you should only go there if, like Aarón Sánchez, you lack the real estate for a tattoo elsewhere.

Who is Pancho Villa?

"Why did you choose Pancho Villa to be on your sobaco, chef?" a comment on the Instagram video asked.

Without a direct comment, one can only speculate. However, for those who do not know of Pancho Villa, Smithsonian Magazine explains that he led the División de Norte, one of the main parties in the Mexican Revolution. It won many battles with guerrilla tactics and even signed a contract with Hollywood to have its escapades filmed, which helped established the legendary aspects of Pancho Villa.

Perhaps Villa's inked incarnation will become famous or at least infamous in its own right thanks to its unusual placement on Sánchez's anatomy. Someone suggested it was a dubious tribute, asking, "Should the person tattoo'd in the arm pit be honored?" Another commenter quipped, "At least he has real beard hair," referring to the chef's underarm hair. Of course, this might raise the question of what that beard smells like. "I bet it STINKS getting [an armpit tattoo]," speculated a commenter. But at the very least, the tattoo passed Aarón Sánchez's smell test.