Why Justin Timberlake Eats 2 Breakfasts

Pop star and actor Justin Timberlake could likely have anything he wants for his meals, from getting a meal delivery service to hiring a personal chef that could whip up dishes exactly catered to his taste and nutritional needs. But when the "Can't Stop The Feeling" singer spilled his eating habits to Bon Appétit, there was one particular quirk that many fans couldn't help but notice — his policy of eating two breakfasts every day. 

The reasoning he provided is actually pretty logical. Since Timberlake does his workouts in the morning, he structures his food intake around that. So, as he revealed to the food publication, he starts his day with a healthy dose of protein, fat, and carbs in the form of waffles with almond butter and flax seed, and a scrambled egg on the side. Then, after his workout, the star tries to keep a hold of those gains by upping his protein intake with a healthy second breakfast that consists of either another egg or a protein shake.

The two-breakfast habit makes perfect sense when you learn about the motive Timberlake has for working out. While he may take on certain roles or challenging choreography that requires him to be in good physical condition — theres's another reason he hits the gym so hard, as he told Bon Appétit: "I mostly workout so I can eat religiously. ...The only way I can make myself feel better about what I eat is to work out." Talk about a man after our foodie hearts!

More insights into Timberlake's meal plan

Though Timberlake's dual breakfast fare seems like a standard healthy eating practice that is common with many celebrities trying to stay in shape, he isn't the type to only eat poached chicken and steamed broccoli and nothing else. While the singer said octopus is one food he isn't the biggest fan of, in general, he loves to try different tastes and indulge in some delectable food and wine from time to time, singing the praises of indulgent Italian pastas and exotic seafood like sea urchin and uni (via Bon Appétit). 

The one guiding factor in Timberlake's diet seems to be an avoidance of any processed or preservative-packed foods. Case in point, as he told the magazine: While he isn't the type to shy away from trying out local fare wherever he travels, he does often bring along a cooler with some food options so that he isn't forced to rely on fast food. His average day of eating is packed with things like brown rice, salmon, salads, protein shakes, and other healthy dishes (via GQ Australia). And, Timberlake isn't afraid to occasionally indulge in a seasonal cocktail or two, opting for spirits like tequila in the summer and switching to a liquor like whiskey in the winter (via Popsugar).