This Is What Michael Mina Typically Eats In A Day - Exclusive

No one knows food like Michael Mina. After establishing a restaurant empire, redefining fine dining in San Francisco, and receiving accolade after accolade from organizations like the James Beard Foundation and Bon Appétit, Mina has developed an intimate relationship with food like few others in his field (via Michael Mina). While this Michelin-ranked chef has built his name around serving up world-class dishes, his daily eating plan couldn't feel more down to earth.

This aspect of Mina's life might surprise you, especially after watching the master demonstrate his skills on one of the latest episodes of "MasterChef: Legends." According to Gold Derby, Mina's episode centered around the perfect ways to prepare every part of a cow. Anyone could walk away believing Mina has what it takes to create some of the most luxurious, mouthwatering creations that come straight out of dreams. While the chef gives it his all in the kitchen, he has a different approach when it comes to eating on a regular basis. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Mina sat down to lay out exactly what his daily meals look like. 

A diet that could make any seafood lover jealous

Chef Michael Mina starts the day with just the basics and keeps things quick and easy. "Usually, pretty light, usually, just fruit in the morning, something really, really light in the morning. For lunch, Mina enjoys seafood. "I'm very blessed because a lot of times, I eat raw fish, and probably too much raw fish, but a lot of raw fish, a lot of sushi, a lot of sashimi, salads, things along those lines," Mina said.

Mina's dinner doesn't look much different. "And then dinner is usually a little bit more of that," Mina continued. "If I'm not working, I love to cook outside, and I think just cooking over a wood-fired grill, to me, is always going to be where I want to cook and what I want to eat and so that's, a lot of times, what we do. And then my wife is half Italian/Puerto Rican and we'll eat pasta every night of the week, so usually it's something grilled with some pasta." You couldn't ask for a more fulfilling meal plan and Mina always balances whatever hits his plate. With a world-class attitude and viewpoint, you truly couldn't expect anything less. 

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