Chick-Fil-A Employees Are Losing It Over This Absurdly Large Uber Eats Order

Uber Eats has definitely simplified the process of ordering food. Consumers seem to love it as evidenced by a Business of Apps report, which found that Uber Eats has the highest popularity among food delivery services worldwide. Customers select their location, then pick among countless restaurant options to place their order via the Uber Eats app. They can even track their order from the moment it is ready at the restaurant until it is delivered by the driver.

While customers can enjoy all of the benefits of Uber Eats from the comfort of their home, restaurant staff must often prepare orders while simultaneously taking care of on-site diners. When a restaurant's pace is steady and the workflow is balanced, it doesn't take too much coordination to tackle additional orders from Uber Eats. However, every now and then, a client sends in a colossal delivery order, leaving restaurant staff in a state teetering between frenzied and furious.

Employees at one Chick-fil-A were faced with this nightmare recently when a customer named Jason sent in a delivery order that could have passed for a prank. The Reddit Chick-fil-A community was in shock at the ridiculously big order, titling the post "Don't be a coward. Pick the order up yourself, Jason." While none of the commenters calculated the exact cost, one guestimated it to be around $575.

What did the order include?

Jason requested 15 30-piece nugget meals for a total of 450 nuggets, 9 orders of large fries, and a mountain of other items. Altogether, it topped 50 meals. But what riled up the community the most was the amount of extra sauce Jason ordered. More than 200 cups of sauce were added to the order, leading some Reddit commenters to wonder why there wasn't an imposed limit due to Chick-fil-A's sauce shortage. At the start of May, Newsweek reported that Chick-fil-A had announced restrictions on the amount of sauce it could serve with a meal due to issues with the supply chain.

Aside from concerns about restricting sauce, multiple Reddit commenters said that such a large order shouldn't be allowed on a delivery app. Instead, a catering order should be made in advance once a delivery reaches beyond a certain size. This would allow staff to appropriately prepare for the quantity of food and staff they have on hand. Redditors were curious about the tip the Uber Eats driver would receive on the order ー hopefully it was worth it for someone!