The Secret To TikTok Grandma Bab's 3-Ingredient Blueberry Muffins

While mom might know best, social media influencer grandma Babs just might be the new baking sage. With her loyal social media following, Babs offers her simple yet ingenious takes on food, cooking, and baking. Even though people might stare at disbelief at these food hacks, the reality is that grandma's resourcefulness proves that simplicity can be the secret to better tasting recipes. And with this easy three-ingredient blueberry muffins recipe, even Betty Crocker might need to take a back seat.

As seen on @brunchwithbabs on Instagram, the secret to this three-ingredient blueberry muffins recipe is ice cream. From a 1982 Southern Living cookbook, Babs simply mixes together self rising flour, blueberries, and vanilla ice cream. Once combined, the mixture is put into a mini muffin tin and baked. In many ways, this idea is genius. Ice cream is milk, sugar, and eggs, all ingredients in a muffin recipe. So, why not put that ice cream pint to extra use and skip another trip to the store? 

This is why everyone has fallen in love with grandma Babs

Whether you have follow her three-ingredient blueberry muffins recipe, enjoy her Chicago accent, or just like watching food videos, grandma Babs (aka @brunchwithbabs) has become a popular social media influencer. From her short videos to her appearances on television, people cannot get enough of her grandma approach to life's typical tasks. While famous chefs might like to share complicated recipes and fancy cooking techniques, Babs is like that trusted friend that just wants to make life easier. From dump recipes to even some home organization advice, sometimes, those quick, homespun ideas just make life a little sweeter.

In a Washington Post article, Babs said, "I'm feeding them food, and I'm also feeding them in other ways." That sentiment seems to capture what captivates people with her simple, easy to follow ideas. From a simple lasagna recipe to these three-ingredients blueberry muffins, it is about going back to basics and appreciating that connection between people and food. Just like a great dish might conjure a flavorful memory, watching Babs and her demos is like connecting with an old, wise friend. She might not be buying the next round on girls night out, but she will be waiting with the perfect, simple breakfast on the morning after.