Sonic's 'New And Improved' Burgers Only Come With This Tiny Addition

On July 16, The Fast Food Post related the latest announcement from Sonic. No doubt, Sonic intended to inspire excitement, as these are its "new and improved" cheeseburger and Super SONIC Double Cheeseburgers. However, the new aspect is that the cheeseburgers now contain ketchup and mayo. 

No, seriously. The piece, with the original bold text kept intact, reads, "Sonic's updated cheeseburgers contain the same ingredients as the original versions, but they now also include ketchup and mayo." While prices may vary, the piece reports that a local Sonic Drive-In charged $4.59 for the cheeseburger and $5.89 for the double. That's it! That is Sonic's big announcement.

The reaction on Reddit shows how uninspired this menu update is perceived to be, with one person asking, "So they added ketchup, that's it? You could always add that yourself. I didn't see any mentions of improved ingredients." However, another user did correct them: "... and Mayo." A different poster joked, "I'd like a sonic cheeseburger, hold the improvement..."

Sonic responds

The most noteworthy positive remark was not about either of the new burgers, but the Crave Cheeseburger released back in June. That burger, as explained in a press release, was a limited-time option with a secret sauce. "The secret is in the sauce with the new Crave Cheeseburger, which irresistibly complements the savory flavors and stacked fixings of the SONIC Cheeseburger," Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic, said.

Sonic reached out to Mashed to clarify that, while the mayo and ketchup are the only new ingredients on the burger, the chain also made improvements to many of the other ingredients. They describe the buns as "lighter," the burger "thicker," the cheese more melted, and the pickles "crunchier," among other upgrades. The statement included a quote from Uehlein, which shares that they feel the changes are "incremental yet meaningful ingredient improvements that guests may not immediately notice, but together result in an overall better burger experience."

We guess fans of the fast food chain will just have to try and see if they notice the difference for themselves. Sure, it's not the most imaginative "new" product Sonic could have announced, but we're willing to bet if they said nothing there would be a dozen Reddit threads within the week speculating on the changes.