Here's What Grimes Ate While Pregnant

Just last year, performer and singer-songwriter Grimes gave birth to her first child, a son with entrepreneur Elon Musk. She gave Harper's Bazaar an inside glimpse into what her pregnancy diet was like in the publication's web series, and according to a few comments she made, her daily diet became dramatically different when she started eating for two (via YouTube). Namely, she started eating more regularly throughout the day rather than just indulging in a huge meal in the evening — although she did comment that her sleep habits mean she typically enjoys her breakfast around noon, a time that many people would be eating lunch.

However, the starlet definitely gets in those breakfast foods, and favors either something super simple like a bowl of Raisin Bran, or her twist on buttered toast, which involves melting butter on a plate and soaking the toast in the liquid fat rather than simply spreading some on the toasted bread. Grimes also shared a few other culinary inventions that she incorporates in her diet. The first, which she refers to simply as "couscous sludge," involves taking cooked couscous and mixing it with Sriracha and vegan mayonnaise with a few vegetable add-ins such as celery for a creamy, spicy concoction. Another invention the singer mentioned that she loved during pregnancy, was simply tomatoes topped with avocado and nutritional yeast.

Dinner options, pregnancy cravings, and comfort foods

There was a time when Grimes' dinner repertoire was very, very narrow, to the point where she got malnourished from eating only spaghetti for a period of one to two years (via YouTube). Luckily, after facing that health scare, she makes sure to incorporate different ingredients in her daily eating. When she's feeling like veggie-packed fare, one of her favorites is veggie burritos loaded with salsa verde. As for her carnivorous cuisine, rather than indulging in a perfectly-cooked steak or roasted chicken breast, she prefers hot dogs. Apparently, she feels less guilty about consuming meat in the form of hot dogs than other cuts, since they're often made from various by-products, and finds them the best type of meat. Finally, another favorite for dinner options is dumplings of any sort.

For beverage options, when she's not pregnant, she absolutely loves to sip on dark beers. However, her cravings changed dramatically during pregnancy, and one of her cravings actually led her to completely change her typical plant-based way of eating. Though the hot dog loving performer likely wouldn't be considered vegan because, well, she loves to consume meat-filled hot dogs rather than their soy or tofu alternatives, she apparently broke what she calls her "vegan tendencies" when faced with some serious cravings for regular dairy milk. As for comfort food, there's nothing the songstress would rather have than a bag of Miss Vickie's Salt and Vinegar Chips.