Geoffrey Zakarian Wants Your Help With His New Gluten And Dairy-Free Cookbook

The always dapper chef, restaurateur, and Food Network star, Geoffrey Zakarian, has reached out to foodies on his Instagram account and invited them to share some requests for his upcoming project. As he works on his new gluten and dairy-free cookbook, the celebrated chef showcased a seasonal fruit tart, featuring blueberries, peaches, and plums from the farmers market. As everyone salivated over Zakarian's new seasonal dessert video, it sparked some tasty commentary on other gluten and dairy-free dishes that people are craving.

Scrolling through the various comments, the majority of requests focused on wanting recipes for gluten-free breads. Challah was often requested as was pizza crust. For carb lovers, the ability to have these two foods in an alternative recipe could be a game changer. One interesting food aspect that was addressed was the desire for recipes with nut substitutes. As Zakarian finishes his upcoming cookbook, it will be interesting to see if a few more test recipes appear on his social media accounts. 

How to create Geoffrey Zakarian's perfect pantry

While Zakarian might be known for his sophisticated tastes and his impeccable culinary creativity, the celebrated chef and restaurateur has given home cooks a reference guide to bolster both their creative cooking endeavors and their simple dinner recipes. In his cookbook, "My Perfect Pantry: 150 Easy Recipes from 50 Essential Ingredients," Zakarian balances pantry staples with more diverse foods to create a treasure trove of food options. While the recipes are easy to master, the ideas can spark even more delicious endeavors.

In a SheKnows article, the cook gave a glimpse into his refrigerator and pantry. While his stunningly organized shelves might make people envious, the reality is that the ingredients shown lend themselves to culinary inspiration. From the wide array of condiments to assortment of vinegars, the truth is that these items can transform the flavors in any recipe. While Zakarian said, "the best meals are when you have all of your family together to cook and enjoy," his well stocked pantry lends itself to a flavorful meal. Even if his personal style cannot be matched, many people can learn from his culinary approach.