Popular Sonic Slush Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

If you've ever been to a Sonic Drive-In, then you probably know that, aside from their large and vast food menu, they also offer a ton of drink and treat options. From milkshakes to Sonic Blasts, limeades, lemonades, soft drinks with flavor add-ins, and of course, the Sonic slush, the fast food chain has it all. But it's those delicious, one-of-a-kind Sonic slushes that really take the cake in terms of tasty beverages.

The slushes at Sonic are certainly unique, almost like an ICEE or Slurpee you can get at the movie theater or gas station, but a little thicker and with more liquid. Additionally, the slushes at Sonic come in a variety of flavors and can all be customized to your liking. That said, not all of them are made equally. The truth is, there are definitely some flavors of Sonic slushes that aren't worth your time, even though they might be more popular amongst the other diners. We've evaluated the most popular Sonic slush flavors and ranked them from worst to best. Keep reading so you can see what flavors to try and which ones you can simply leave behind.

15. The plain cherry slush is kind of gross

To be fair, pretty much any slush you order at Sonic is going to taste pretty good. After all, at the end of the day, the slush is a super-sweet frozen drink, so they can't be all that bad. Well, they aren't. But the plain cherry slush at Sonic is as bad as it gets at the fast food chain. Seriously, if you remember that sickly-sweet medicine taste of cherry cough syrup you had to take as a kid, then you can imagine just how unappetizing the cherry slush is at Sonic. Obviously, it doesn't have quite the same medicinal taste like cherry cough syrup, but the cherry slush still suffers from that artificial flavor and, moreover, is almost too sweet.

With nothing to balance it out, like a lemon or lime counterpart, the sugary plain cherry slush is just too much. Honestly, it's not worth the time to drink it. The only people who really like it are probably children who love super-sweet drinks and might actually enjoy the similarities it shares with their cough syrup. But for anyone else, the plain cherry slush is an artificially flavored sugar bomb that's to be avoided at all costs.

14. The plain grape slush is just okay

In the same way that the plain cherry slush at Sonic is too sweet and unpleasantly reminiscent of medicine from your childhood — not to mention a little bland — so, too, is the grape slush. Honestly, though, has there really ever been a good artificial grape flavor out there? Well, Sonic's attempt is no exception. While there are certain variations of the grape slush that might make it better, a plain grape slush is just okay on its best day.

If you want to balance out the sweet and fake flavor of the grape slush, you could add in some Nerds to the Sonic drink, perhaps for some texture and visual interest. But it still won't be the best that the chain has to offer. Honestly, unless you're just a big artificial grape flavoring fan, steer clear of this one. It'll just let you down, so why would you get it?

13. An ocean water slush is a little boring

Listen, there are some drinks at Sonic that only Sonic can do right. And their original ocean water drink is admittedly pretty delicious, though the name may take some convincing for the uninitiated. All it contains is a Sprite with a little blue coconut syrup, making it ultra-refreshing, perfectly sweet, and pretty unique. But when that same drink is turned into a slush, it loses its carbonation and literally falls flat.

Sure, the ocean water slush may taste okay, but compared to some of the other slush flavors at Sonic, it's honestly a little boring. After all, it doesn't have as much coconut flavor as an actual blue coconut slush, but it will still turn your tongue an obnoxiously bright shade of blue. To our mind, that makes it kind of a lose-lose situation. While not the worst slush at Sonic, there are so many other better flavors that are a lot more fresh and invigorating than this bland option, especially when you compare it to its brighter, more carbonated drink cousin.

12. The Red Bull watermelon slush is a disappointment

Anyone who loves a good caffeinated beverage knows that energy drinks can really pack a punch. Not only are they loaded with caffeine — usually more than a cup of coffee, which is really saying something — but they're also sweet, flavored, and ice-cold, which typically makes them super refreshing. And at Sonic, their slush offerings have expanded to include caffeinated slushes all thanks to Red Bull. But, even if you want a jolt of energy and are already a fan of Red Bull, the Red Bull watermelon slush is actually something you'll probably want to avoid.

When it comes to the slush, the lack of carbonation and sweetness of the drink, along with the artificial watermelon flavor, drowned out any taste of the Red Bull. So, if you were looking for a sweet, frozen version of your favorite energy drink, this will probably just let you down. On the plus side, it does have caffeine from the Red Bull, so you might get a burst of energy you wouldn't get from a regular watermelon slush. That's something, but it's up to you if it's really worth spending your money on this particular slush.

11. The green apple slush is kind of intense

With all the different flavors that you can get in a slush at Sonic, green apple might not really sound all that enticing. And it turns out that this is a pretty correct assessment. Sonic's green apple slush won't satisfy your sweet and tart craving, and it's certainly not a flavor that most adults would enjoy. It's little more than disappointment in a styrofoam cup.

Ultimately, this slush is both overly sweet and sadly lacking the sort of acidic zing you expect from other green apple-flavored things. You might rightfully expect a green apple slush to have a little tang to it, but that's not what you'll get at Sonic. On the other hand, it's almost too sweet, with no sour to balance it out, making it intense, and not in a good way. Even if you're normally a fan of green apple flavor, this slush probably isn't for you. It might not be for anyone, really.

10. The lemonade slush is mediocre

Pretty much any signature drink at Sonic can be turned into a slush, and the fast food chain's lemonade is no exception. But if you order a plain lemonade slush at Sonic, you're seriously missing out. If you were to add in strawberry, or even cherry, or whatever other flavor you like, the slush would be better. But the lemonade slush by itself is just a mediocre shadow of what it could be otherwise.

But really, if you expected the lemonade slush at Sonic to taste like frozen lemonade, you will be greatly disappointed. Not only is the consistency of the Sonic slush a lot more liquid than you would normally want for frozen lemonade, but the lemonade flavor itself sn't the best. Unlike other fast food chains like Chick-fil-A, Sonic doesn't make their own lemonade from scratch, so it's not as fresh-tasting. And then when you turn it into a slush, it just becomes too sweet, overly thin, and utterly underwhelming. So, while the lemonade slush isn't the worst thing on Sonic's menu, it's definitely far from the best, especially where slushes are concerned.

9. The cranberry slush is very tart

For many people, cranberry juice isn't exactly something you want to drink every day. Sure, it might be good every once in a while when you're really in the mood for something tart, but it's a pretty distinct flavor. Also, in order to produce a cranberry that isn't completely sour, most juice companies add quite a bit of sugar to it. So yeah, cranberry juice in and of itself isn't the best out there for many people's tastes, and when it's turned into a slush at Sonic, it doesn't get much better.

The cranberry slush at Sonic is nothing more than Minute Maid cranberry juice turned into a frozen, slushy beverage. Honestly, if you're a big cranberry juice fan, then you will probably love the cranberry slush, though be aware that you're probably in the minority. But if not, it will be seriously boring, overwhelmingly sweet, and even more tart. If you've ever had cranberry juice, you know that it typically tastes best when it's cut with something like seltzer or even vodka for the over-21 crowd. Plain cranberry juice is just too much here, and not in a good way. So, unless you add lime or another flavor to the cranberry slush, it could be an overwhelming experience.

8. The blue raspberry Nerds slush is decent

As far as sweet, candy-like flavors go, blue raspberry is definitely one of the best. It's a decent combination of sweet and sour. Then again, it's not exactly a natural flavor, but it's still totally delicious to most people. So, when you turn that flavor into a slush, it's bound to be delicious, too. And to make things even better, at Sonic you can actually add Nerds candy into the slush to really make the flavor pop.

Ultimately, for many who order this drink, this slush is the perfect balance of fruity, sweet, and a little tart. And with Nerds added into the mix, the slush also gets a little more texture and becomes a drink and a little snack all in one. However, the biggest downfall of the blue raspberry Nerds slush at Sonic is that it can be a little too sweet, especially as the Nerds start to disintegrate. So, you either have to really love sweets or drink this slush fast enough to avoid it getting any sweeter.

7. The Powerade mountain berry slush is pretty good

Anyone who is a fan of sports drinks knows that the absolute best flavor of any sports drink, be it Powerade or Gatorade, is whatever the blue flavor is. Like popsicles, fruit snacks, and so many other treats, blue is just the best — just don't ask anyone why. The Powerade Mountain Berry slush at Sonic is no exception. First of all, the Mountain Berry flavor is the bright blue Powerade you already know and love, and it's perfectly refreshing without being too sweet.

So, it's not shocking that the Powerade Mountain Berry slush is also perfectly refreshing and not too sweet. Honestly, the flavor of the slush is pretty mild, but it will definitely help quench your thirst and cool you off on a hot day. While the slush won't have as many electrolytes as standard Powerade, it's still a great choice and one of Sonic's better slush offerings, though there are better options out there.

6. The Red, White, and Blue slush float is surprisingly tasty

In the world of fast food inventions, there really is no shortage of ideas that seem to come about these days. From using fried chicken as a taco shell to stuffing a pizza crust with cheese, the possibilities for junk food innovation are seemingly endless. And Sonic's Red, White, and Blue slush float is proof of just that. It might sound and even look a little off with all that food coloring, sure, but it's surprisingly tasty.

Though the drink is only a limited-time offer, it still deserves a spot on this list. The drink is basically three layers with a typical blue raspberry slush on the bottom, followed by a layer of vanilla soft serve ice cream, then a strawberry fruit topping. Obviously, the drink can be enjoyed one layer at a time, consider mixing it all together and getting a little bit of everything all in one sip. Though it might not look super appetizing once you mix everything together, it's seriously worth a shot. Thanks to that creamy soft serve offset by the tart blue raspberry and sweeter strawberry, it tastes seriously decadent and will take your taste buds for a wild ride.

5. The Red Bull Dragon Fruit slush is shockingly great

It's not exactly surprising that Sonic would come out with another Red Bull slush option to appeal to fans of the energy drink. Their Red Bull Dragon Fruit slush is simply the Red Bull's Dragon Fruit flavor made into slush form, but it turned out a lot better than its watermelon counterpart, that's for sure.

But if you're wondering what the Red Bull Dragon Fruit slush is all about, keep reading. "Dragon fruit flavor introduces a fun tropical flavor experience into our invigorating Red Bull Slush this Summer," Scott Uehlein, Sonic's vice president of product innovation and development told QSR. If that doesn't sound enticing, then really what does? And if you really want a pick-me-up with your sweet treat, then give this slush a try. It's still not Sonic's absolute best, but it's pretty good for its energy drink compatriots, and perfect for any Red Bull fans out there.

4. Order a strawberry limeade slush if you want a delicious drink

Fans of Sonic Drive-In know that one of the things that the chain restaurant does best are their limeades. Specifically, both their cherry and strawberry limeades are two of their best drinks overall, so when you turn them into slushes, you can rest assured that they're going to be super tasty. And as far as the strawberry limeade slush is concerned, it's one of Sonic's best.

Imagine a tangy and refreshing limeade, served frozen in a delectable slush form, paired with the sweet and fruity taste of strawberry, and you can understand just how good this slush actually is. It's the epitome of a perfect summer drink, and it's even made with real strawberries and not just artificial strawberry flavor. This means that you get some delicious chunks of strawberry in your drink, too. Basically, this flavor is all you could want in a slush, and as good as it is, it's not even the best Sonic can do — there's some that are even better yet to come.

3. A limeade slush is seriously refreshing

So, you know that the strawberry limeade slush is super tasty, right? But what happens when you take the strawberry out of it and just focus on the limeade? It honestly becomes even better. Yes, believe it or not, a plain limeade slush is almost the perfect drink.

Just like a plain limeade is delicious, the limeade slush at Sonic is also almost as good as it gets from the fast food chain. It's tangy, not too sweet, and the lime flavor is perfectly on point. And if you want a little more lime flavor in your slush, then you're in luck because Sonic will even top the slush with fresh slices of lime for a little extra kick. If you aren't a fan of sour flavors or want a slush that's a little sweeter, then this might not be for you. Still, it's certainly a great choice for most people.

2. A real fruit strawberry slush is what dreams are made of

If you aren't a fan of limeades or just lime in general, then definitely give the Sonic real fruit strawberry slush a try. Because it's made with real strawberries and not just a strawberry syrup, it's not too sweet and doesn't have any of that fake strawberry flavor that you get from a lot of other fast food joints. Additionally, the texture of the slush — which is a little bit softer and more liquid than other types of frozen drinks — works really well with the strawberry flavor.

This slush is perfect for just about anyone, as strawberry is practically a universally beloved flavor, and the real fruit pieces in the slush make for a fun texture surprise as well. Obviously, this slush is pretty great, but because it's also pretty plain and simple it's still not quite the ultimate slush at Sonic. However, if you're a big strawberry fan, then this is probably the best slush you can order at Sonic. Sometimes, it really is best to just keep it simple.

1. The Cherry Limeade slush reigns supreme

Of course, there's one flavor that will always reign supreme at Sonic, and that's the cherry limeade. It's a classic for a reason. The cherry limeade slush is without a doubt the absolute best slush at Sonic. Seriously, if you don't have a Sonic near you and happen by one on a road trip or vacation out of town, order the cherry limeade slush and rest assured that you won't regret it.

The slush has the same signature flavor as the regular cherry limeade drink: a little tart and sweet at once, as well as two flavors that complement each other perfectly. What makes the slush even better is that it's also topped with real lime slices, which you can squeeze into your slush if you want. You might even find a cherry (or two!) at the bottom of your cup once you're finished as a nice little snack. This is Sonic's absolute best slush, so don't hesitate to order it if you don't know what to get the next time you're there.