The Petty Reason Someone Just Trashed A McDonald's

One disgruntled customer at a McDonald's in British Columbia has taken things so far over the top it's got social media buzzing, specifically Reddit. Video of the interaction shows a man cursing at McDonald's staff and violently smashing items and equipment at the restaurant's counter with absolutely no regard for staff or public safety — all over a Happy Meal. We've shared previous stories of people going to extra lengths for McNuggets, but this behavior reaches a new level of unacceptable.

The original video of the incident got removed from TikTok, but the original poster kate_rebel_off shared the backstory in an additional TikTok. Because we all hit the wrong button sometimes, or sometimes mishear an order, the employee accidentally typed in 4 Happy Meals instead of a 4 piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. This was apparently the customer's limit. The customer began swearing and knocking over a hand sanitizer dispenser, but then gets back in line to wait for his food. At this point, kate_rebel_off started recording.

Mistreatment of food workers is unacceptable

The destruction caused by a "need" for 4 pieces of breaded chicken and a toy is simply incomprehensible. Redditor Pocket713 sums it up well. "Man, I swear, if I ever acted like this, even as an adult in my 30's, there'd be some sort of super sonic beacon that would go off and no matter where she was in the world my mom would just appear and proceed to whoop my a**."

In her explanation video, kate_rebel_off expresses her absolute praise for the fast food workers involved, noting that they all handled a volatile situation extremely well. Yet in an era where less and less people are willing to work lower-paid fast food jobs at places like McDonald's, we can't help but think that people like "McNugget Man" are why. Says Redditor Spacbot, "What a dog turd of a human being. Poor kids on minimum wage putting up with that garbage. I really hope he gets identified and shamed brutally."

The Vancouver Sun reports that two restaurant employees as well as two responding police officers were assaulted and sustained minor wounds. The Sun identifies the man as "William David Scott Jolly, 30, of Delta," noting that he "appeared in Richmond provincial court Wednesday charged with mischief, assault, assaulting a peace officer, and wilfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer. His next court date is Aug. 18."

Neither food service employees or anyone else deserve this sort of treatment. Tip well and say thank you.