Victim Of Seagull Gang Hilariously Surrenders Food After Dramatic Chase

You can always count on LADBible for a laugh with the daily videos they post on social media showcasing hilarious situations of regular people. The entertainment page accepts video and photo submissions from the general public of pretty much anything (per the website), as long as it has the potential to make their audience laugh. In one of the more recent submissions, an incredibly surprising situation is caught on camera.

LADBible posted the piece on Twitter, Instagram, and its other social media channels where a man can be seen being chased by a flock of seagulls that are eager to steal the box of food he's carrying in his hand. After a dramatic chase on the pebbled beach, the man finally caves in and throws the food in the air to escape the birds. As soon as he gives up and throws the food, the seagulls can be seen leaving the man alone and flocking to the food instead. The hilarious chase was captured by amused onlookers and posted by LADBible with the caption: "The seagulls woke up and chose violence today. He ended up surrendering his food to them."

Instagrammers and members of the Twitterati are certain that the bizarre attack took place in the UK, in the seaside city of Brighton in particular. That would make sense considering seagull attacks are an ongoing nuisance in the region. BBC even reports that seagull attacks might actually be a national problem.

Seagull attacks aren't that uncommon

Imagine one minute you're leisurely munching on some fries or eating a juicy burger, and the next minute, you're being chased down the beach by a bunch of hangry seagulls. However, if you live in the UK, this isn't exactly a new problem. In separate incidents, LADBible reported that, in the summer of 2019, a seagull actually grabbed a woman's pet Chihuahua by the neck and flew away with it, stealing the poor dog in broad daylight. All of this happened in the backyard of her house in Devon, England. In the nearby town of Plymouth, the website also reported on a man that attacked a seagull himself in retaliation for the bird trying to have a bite of his precious McDonald's meal.

Other seagull attacks shared by LADBible have included an elderly couple being trapped in their house for six days as there were birds perched on their roof that would bite them if they tried to step out. Apparently you aren't safe from seagulls at home, either, but beaches are particularly prone as spots for vicious attacks. The Argus reports that, based on a survey with 1,640 British folk, Brighton Beach was voted as being the "worst spot in the UK for seagull attacks," followed by Blackpool and Whitby beaches.

So, fair warning, if you do happen to be strolling by a British seaside town with a plate of fish and chips in your hand, you might want to be wary of any birds waiting to pounce on your salty snack.