Buddy Valastro Wants To Help You Win $10,000 With This TikTok Challenge

Buddy Valastro may be one of the best known cake decorators on reality TV, but the celebrity baker is finding a home on TikTok now too, and he already has followers numbering in the millions. Considering his teenage children likely introduced him to the social media app, it makes perfect sense why the TikTok challenge he's just started involves one of his daughter Sophia's favorite desserts — s'mores. Sophia recently shared her own recipe for a s'mores cake pop on the Cakehouse YouTube channel, and now her father — the Cake Boss — in collaboration with Jet Puffed, is encouraging others to do the same. 

"We think there's room for more in the s'more," Valastro explained in the TikTok post announcing the challenge. Apparently, Jet Puffed Marshmallows has decided it's time to add a fourth ingredient to the classic s'more, and the brand is open to suggestions. Valastro went on to say that TikTokers can participate in the contest by sharing their recipe on the app with the hashtag #JetPuffedSmourth.

Buddy Valastro is excited to see the contest entries

Anyone who's seen an episode of "Cake Boss" knows that Buddy Valastro's team at Carlo's Bakery is willing to help celebrate any and every occasion with their delicious cakes and desserts. For National S'mores Day, which falls on August 10 this year, Valastro will be commemorating the holiday with the new and improved s'mores recipe. On that day, Jet Puffed will award one lucky winner $10,000 as well as a lifetime supply of marshmallows

The winning recipe, according to the TikTok announcement, will also be featured on the back of the packaging. That means anyone who purchases a bag of Jet Puffed marshmallows, even Buddy Valastro himself, will see the recipe. And who knows — since the submissions will be viewed by the Cake Boss too, there's always a chance he'd be open to incorporating the winning flavor combination in a future cake, or perhaps in a version of his signature s'mores cocktail (via Thirsty) at Buddy V's in Las Vegas.