Cooking With Paris Season 2: Info We Know So Far

This week's debut of "Cooking with Paris" – a six-episode Netflix series, in which Paris Hilton gets together with other celebrities to kind-of cook stuff — naturally has fans wondering whether there will be a Season 2. According to The New York Times, "Cooking with Paris" follows a very simple recipe: Take any celebrity (cooking experience not essential), put them into a kitchen for 20 to 30 minutes, add more celebrities to taste, and watch as they rise beautifully or boil over; either way, great.

Executive producer Aaron Saidman knows Hilton's actual culinary abilities are beside the point ("We thought it'd be fun to delve into her cooking skills, or lack thereof," he told the Times of the show's premise), and there is an audience out there for watching celebrities try to navigate a kitchen without the help of their personal chef. The success of shows like "Selena + Chef" and "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook" (featuring Selena Gomez and Amy Schumer, respectively, honing their chops in the kitchen) is proof of concept.

The bite-sized episodes of "Cooking with Paris" (each runs between 20-25 minutes, according to The Cinemaholic) are a bit like the lasagna Hilton cooked up in the YouTube video that spawned the show: messy and perhaps lacking in any nutritional value, but relatively easy to swallow. So, if you devoured the first season of "Cooking with Paris" quickly and are hungry for more, you're in the right place to find out when the next course might be served.

What's the release date for Cooking with Paris Season 2?

While a second season of "Cooking with Paris" has yet to be announced, there is no reason the team behind the not-quite-cooking-show couldn't pull off another six episodes, following largely the same format. If the show garners the kind of popularity that Netflix deems worthy of a second season, it stands to reason that the production and release timeline would mirror Netflix's similar series.

As Bustle points out, a year of production usually follows a show's renewal, which would put late summer 2022 as the earliest point on the calendar for a Season 2 of "Cooking with Paris." However, it could certainly be later in the year — if at all — as Netflix monitors the success of the current season over the coming weeks. Variety announced the first season of "Cooking with Paris" in July 2021, and the show hit the streaming service less than 30 days later. Will the turnaround between announcement and showtime be the same for a potential Season 2? Only time will tell.

What will the episodes of Cooking with Paris Season 2 be like?

In the YouTube video that started it all (and currently boasts over 5 million views), Paris Hilton was flying solo in the kitchen. Well, not completely solo; the socialite and heiress had a Chanel-clad chihuahua named "Diamond Baby" helping her out. In the television series inspired by that viral video, Hilton's helpers are slightly more well-known.

For "Cooking with Paris," celebrity guests ranging from Kim Kardashian to Saweetie are rolling up their designer sleeves to get in on the act. According to Grub Street, Hilton's back-and-forth with her friends and acquaintances is part of the draw — who wouldn't want to watch Hilton and Kardashian attempt a frittata and French toast with glitter on it, while trading compliments and confusion?

If a Season 2 of "Cooking with Paris" is on the menu, we're betting on the celebrity guest format to stick around. To have each episode feature a different cooking challenge is one thing, to watch Hilton tackle it with someone as culinarily clueless as she admits to be is quite another. And there's the undeniable fact that with another famous person comes that famous person's audience ... Hilton's aptitude for that kind of calculus is probably what made her one of the original "influencers" to begin with.

What else do we know about Cooking with Paris Season 2?

If the show is popular enough, a second season of "Cooking with Paris" seems like a literal no-brainer. The show seems to pride itself on its lack of know-how in the kitchen, which means the ingredients for another season will require little foraging around the greater Los Angeles area: All that's needed is Hilton, an additional famous person who doesn't know how to cook, and a recipe. As Ina Garten would say, how easy is that?

But, as Grub Street points out, the resulting show might be a little too simple. "You watch this show," critic Rachel Sugar says, "and you do not want to be Paris Hilton, or befriend her, or eat her glitter-topped cannoli, or pet her many tiny dogs." Sugar goes on to say, "[Hilton's] life looks nothing like yours, and she doesn't want it to, and neither do you. Culinary television is not set up for this." In other words, is there an appetite out there for a celebrity cooking show in which the celebrity doesn't care much about cooking, the viewer may not care much about the celebrity, and no one really learns anything?

Ask us again when they announce "Cooking in Paris" Season 2.