Underrated Baked Goods You Need To Try, According To Bryan Ford - Exclusive

Bryan Ford, accountant-turned-professional baker, has taken the world by storm. First, he introduced his cookbook "New World Sourdough" in June 2020, right when everyone stuck at home needed it the most. It was the ideal introduction on how to learn to bake bread from scratch at home. Just a little over a year later, Ford's new television show "The Artisan's Kitchen" celebrated its premiere alongside the launch of Magnolia Network on July 15.

Each of Ford's episodes teaches viewers a new recipe, but often the bake may surprise you. The baker is dedicated to shedding light on other cultures and incorporating unique combinations in his treats, whether baking sweet pastries or savory breads.

So, what's one of the most underrated baked goods in Ford's opinion? We sought to find out. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Ford shared his opinion on the baked goods he feels deserve more attention than they're being given.

Bryan Ford says people should be eating more of these baked goods

When asked about an underrated baked good he thought more people should be trying, Ford didn't necessarily point to one specific treat. Instead, he highlighted a category of underrated baked goods, and it was those from different cultures.

Ford shared that he thinks Middle Eastern flatbreads, Indian flatbreads, and African flatbreads, along with Latin American breads and pastries, don't get all the attention they deserve. "I think they're all just underrated," he said. "I think there needs to be more appreciation for the bread that's eaten in most of the world, and the baked goods that are eaten in most of the world."

In comparison to pizza, which is an Italian flatbread, other flatbreads don't get the same fame and glory. "People call it pizza, and it's such a widely accepted form of food, whereas a naan, it's an Indian flatbread," Ford explained. "Why isn't the obsession the same for certain types of baked goods? I think what's underrated is just trying to get different cultures to the forefront of the baking scene."

For even more baking expertise from Bryan Ford, including an exploration of Honduran baked goods, be sure to watch Magnolia Network's "The Artisan's Kitchen" on Discovery+.