What It's Really Like To Be A Guest On Restaurant: Impossible

Everybody likes a show that focuses on the underdogs, rooting for them as they figure out ways to overcome a series of roadblocks and challenges. "Restaurant: Impossible," has been successfully doing exactly that since 2011. Although it was canceled in 2016, it came back in 2019. Throughout its history, the show has been ambitious in its approach: celebrity chef Robert Irvine (above) and his team work with a failing business to relaunch the eatery in just two days on a budget of $10,000.

Everything that happens on the show is as real as it gets. Marc Summers, one of the producers from "Restaurant: Impossible," told Reality Blurred in 2016, "I like to think of [Restaurant Impossible] as the only true reality show on TV. Nothing was contrived. What you saw is what you got."

Moreover, being a guest on the show can be a genuinely fascinating experience because you get to witness the action firsthand. A blogger and former guest on the show did exactly that. Lori Helke wrote that she reached out to Irvine directly, hoping that he'd respond on Twitter and get her application noticed. Her wish did come true and Helke got to meet the chef in person as she explored the set. She wrote on Lori Loves Adventure, "As a viewer every week, I am amazed at the authenticity and the intimate details the owners reveal and how Robert, while tough on them, always ends up being that beacon of light as he more often than not serves as counselor as well as teacher."

It's a positive experience

According to Lori, the vibes on "Restaurant: Impossible" are fairly positive, and there is an effortless connection between Irvine and the crew members. She explained on Lori Loves Adventure that the experience was fairly intense, especially when she saw the restaurant being relaunched. She wrote, "This is clearly a magical moment. Two days of intensive work by a devoted cast and crew coming to an end." She added that she couldn't help but tear up a little as she witnessed the emotional scene unfolding in front of her. Also, being a part of both the lunch and dinner services gave Lori the opportunity to understand how fast-paced everything can be. Diners are requested to be transparent with their feedback.

For Lori, what truly made the experience so special was the fact that Robert Irvine is a gracious host who tries his best to interact with others as much as possible. She said, "Robert is the real deal and truly cares about people, whether they are part of the crew, the restaurants that he works with, or even his devoted Twitter followers!"