The Hot Ones Card Game You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Hot sauce is definitely a burning topic. For most people, you either love it and slather it on everything you can, or you can't stand the stuff and would never dream of using it. Whether your personal taste, spiciness tolerance, or experience with different types of food may influence your preference, everybody has a limit when it comes to hot sauce. The interview series "Hot Ones" plays with this idea by chatting with celebrities as they eat chicken wings with increasingly spicy sauces and seeing how far they can go.

"Hot Ones" is hosted by Sean Evans on the First We Feast network (via New York Times). The show has been wildly successful, with some recent videos achieving several million views each on YouTube. The hot sauces used on the show are also available individually and in a monthly subscription box on Heatonist. And now there's even a card game that allows you to recreate the spirit of the show at home with your friends.

The Hot Ones Truth or Dab card game

The game is called Truth or Dab. The name, of course, mashing up the idea of "truth or dare" with The Last Dab, which is the hottest sauce used on the show that is slathered on the final spicy chicken wing the celebrity guests eat.

The concept behind the game is simple: Answer the question on the card truthfully or accurately, or eat a bit of super spicy hot sauce. There are five types of cards according to the shopping page at Heatonist (it's also available on Amazon and at Target). Truth cards ask a direct question you must answer. Roast cards require you to be honest about the negative side of your friends' personalities. Pop Quiz cards ask a random trivia question. BFF trivia cards test your knowledge of your closest friends by asking things only a true BFF would know. One-Up cards are the final challenge to complete a round. A lot of these could get tricky fast and probably would leave many players reaching for the spice to avoid upsetting their personal relationships. The game also comes with a bottle of The Last Dab and eight tasting spoons.

If you want to see the game in action, you can check out celebrities playing it on Youtube. Honestly, it seems like a fun time for hot sauce lovers everywhere and those who enjoy a riotous game night.