Padma Lakshmi Shares Super Relatable Food Dilemma

"Top Chef" star Padma Lakshmi recently shared a meme with her followers on Twitter that brought back memories for many. The image shows a woman standing next to a fully stocked refrigerator packed with bags of pre-cooked meals and meat, one of the many hilarious "when mom says there's food at home" memes.

Watching your mother or grandmother try to remove something from the carefully organized, overflowing arrangement of the refrigerator or try to squeeze in just one more box of meal prep can put the most seasoned Jenga and Tetris players to shame. Lakshmi's followers were quick to find this dilemma super relatable and some even shared mirror images of their own refrigerators at home. @Tweetsandsours suggested, "'Defrost Roulette' has to make it on to a #topchef quick fire."

Others confessed the number of refrigerators and freezers their mums and grandma's kept at home — all packed to the brim with pre-cooked frozen foods, of course. One Twitter user admitted that their mom had two refrigerators at home, while their aunt had an industrial one tucked away in the garage, too. Another person replied saying that their parents, despite being only a two-person household, had three refrigerators so stocked with food that, "My sister and i stop by to do some grocery shopping" at their parents' house.

Padma Lakshmi's own freezer looks something like the meme

While members of the Twitterati were quick to share relatable experiences with their own parents and their stocked refrigerators, few realized that Padma Lakshmi, too, has a freezer that looks incredibly similar to the one in the meme.

A mum of one herself, Lakshmi is a fan of cooked food frozen for later use. In an interview with Delish, she said that she stocks her freezer with pre-cooked rice, in particular, because rice takes up a lot of precious minutes when you are cooking dinner in a rush. Having a freezer stocked with pre-cooked food at all times can be a real savior she adds, saying, "I came back from Paris last week and got home late, and it was so easy to just pull out that rice and heat it up with some black beans."

Lakshmi has a few more tricks up her sleeve. She always keeps a bunch of pre-boiled eggs in her refrigerator so that she and her daughter always have a healthy snack on hand. Perhaps Padma Lakshmi's daughter finds this meme relatable, too?