Mythical Kitchen's Josh Scherer Reveals What Makes The Perfect Burrito - Exclusive

Chef Josh Scherer is a man with many talents. He's a gifted athlete, cookbook author, and hosts a show that brings in millions of viewers. Each episode of his series "Mythical Kitchen" explores unique food creations that can go amazingly right or terribly wrong. Whether Scherer is making pizza waffle nachos or beef bile cheesecake, it's always entertaining to watch. However, one thing he doesn't joke about is his love for burritos. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, the UCLA grad shared tips on what makes the ultimate Mexican food staple (via LinkedIn).

He explained that growing up on the West Coast gave him a special appreciation for the incredible talent it takes to make the perfect taco or burrito. "I'm obviously biased, but I think the Mexican food in Southern California is the best in the U.S. primarily because of our diversity of Mexican food," he said. However, the cook admitted that Chile, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas, all have great Mexican cuisine as well. He revealed that what ultimately makes Californian burritos some of the best in the country all starts with the tortilla.

Josh Scherer on what ingredients you need for the most delicious burrito

The "Mythical Kitchen" food host said that your tortilla should be perfectly pliable and have just enough of a glutinous chew when you take a bite. "It also has to be thin enough to be translucent to where you wrap it around the ingredients and you can actually physically see the bits of steak or beans or whatever's inside it," Scherer explained. "It's like the way that when you get a fast food bag, you want to be able to see the grease spot so you can almost peel through it."

The chef also revealed that quality ingredients are extremely important, as well as getting the ratios correct. His favorite style is a simple carne asada burrito made with quality ingredients like guacamole, pico, cheese, and grilled steak. "It also has to be wrapped and folded and then wrapped in paper to steam together," he said. "And so, you got to have like, let's call it like a 40-20-20-10 split of like meat, starch, condiment, [and] other salsa. I made up the numbers in my head. I don't know if you could tell, but I strongly believe in that."

Be sure to catch Josh Scherer cooking up wild food experiments on new episodes of "Mythical Kitchen" and pick up his book "The Culinary Bro-Down."