Fans Are Melting Over Adorable Photo Of Duff Goldman's Daughter Sleeping After Rainstorm

Duff Goldman sure knows how to melt hearts with his content. He recently posted an adorable photo of his daughter, Josephine, on his Instagram account and wrote, "We got caught in a rainstorm! Covered Josephine with my shirt and she fell asleep." His fans were blown away by the photo and quickly flooded his post with positive comments. One Instagram user appreciated Goldman's gesture and wrote, "That's what good dads do! It's always about what's best for them." Another commenter echoed this sentiment and said that the chef is an awesome father.

Goldman added more details in a Twitter post and explained that the family was out on a hiking trip when a thunderstorm hit. They were exploring the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park when the weather got slightly unpredictable and Josephine decided to take a nap. A fan said it best when they wrote, "there's an angel on your shoulder." 

Quality family time is very important to Duff Goldman

Goldman may be a high profile celebrity but he ensures that he doesn't leave any stone unturned to spend quality time with his family. His kid even made an appearance in a class that he organized for Goldbelly last week (via Instagram). In another photo update, Goldman told his fans that his daughter sampled watermelon for the first time in her life. A social media user wrote, "She's really into the fruit!"

According to People, Goldman and his wife welcomed their daughter in January 2021 and were overjoyed. The chef wrote at the time, "Some friends have told me that the love I'll experience when looking at my daughter will be different than anything I've ever experienced and they were totally right." Goldman also praised his wife and said that he was amazed by how strong she was throughout the delivery. He mentioned that Josephine was already proving to be a fan of music and preferred artists like James Brown and Led Zeppelin.