The Important Lesson Kelsey Barnard Clark Learned On Top Chef

As a popular television show, "Top Chef" doesn't hesitate to do what it takes to engage with its fans and make sure that they get what they're looking for. There are talented contestants, intense cooking matches, a dash of drama, and an array of delicious dishes. According to Insider, being a part of the series is hard work and requires contestants to have enough stamina to get through all the challenges. One of the previous contestants, Shirley Chung mentioned that she started spending a lot more at the time at the gym to get ready to compete on the show. 

Meanwhile, "Top Chef" winner Kelsey Barnard Clark told Food & Wine that she chose to be a part of the competition because she knew it would motivate her to do better in the kitchen. "I am always looking to push myself and honestly to do things that scared me," she said. "Nothing scared me more than 'Top Chef.'" For her, some of the most memorable challenges on the show were the final few moments she spent as a contestant, taking it all in, being grateful, and just being in the moment. 

Kelsey Barnard Clark stayed determined

Clark told Brit + Co that she was grateful that she stayed true to herself while on the show, which is something that worked in her favor until the very end. "I wasn't looking over my shoulder to see someone cooking something fancy and worried I was just making deviled eggs," she explained. "I just told myself that I'm just going to cook my food and stay true to myself."

The talented chef also revealed to Food & Wine that her time on the series gave her immense confidence "as a chef, mother, and person." She felt a lot more resilient and ready to deal with all kinds of situations, which also helped her to be a more mindful person. "When you know you're being filmed, you thoughtfully think out each step you make and the words that come out of your mouth," she said.