This Was The Most Difficult Episode Of Good Eats, According To Alton Brown

Celebrity chef Alton Brown has a fascinating story. As per Biography, the chef was a movie producer for several years before he decided to take a leap of faith and explore the culinary world. Also, Brown received formal training in the culinary arts before he started working on his popular show, "Good Eats." For Brown, his TV show was a way for the chef to introduce others to his love for cooking. He also combined science and the arts at the same time on "Good Eats." Cool, huh?

Nothing makes Brown happier than knowing that he can inspire others with his dishes. As per Food & Wine, he acknowledges that he focuses on ensuring that he's doing what he can to entertain his fans. At the same time, he hopes for something more. Brown said, "If ... I can get you off the sofa to cook something, I win. And if I can get you to cook something for someone else, I win even more."

Still, that doesn't mean the TV chef doesn't sometimes have difficulties along the way. For instance, there was one "Good Eats" episode that wasn't easy to shoot.

Fans were creeped out by this spooky Good Eats episode

A fan asked Alton Brown on Twitter about the toughest episode that he's worked on while filming "Good Eats." The chef had his answer ready. He wrote on July 7, "The House That Dripped Chocolate (by a long shot)." According to The Wrap, the episode that was created in 2020 was spooky in every way possible. It was filmed in black-and-white, for one and basically saw Brown purchasing a creepy candy cookbook that was revealed to be cursed. The description from the show read, "every time he makes a treat, the tricks get weirder... not to mention more painful." Yikes!

Even if it was difficult to film, Brown absolutely loved working on this one. He said (via The Wrap), "I've been itching to make a classic-style horror film for decades ... I finally got to scratch it. And, the candy is darned tasty!" Brown's fans enjoyed watching the special episode. One of them remarked on Twitter, "Never thought a Good Eats could ever be remotely creepy, but it was and was wonderful." Meanwhile, another viewer revealed that their kid was genuinely creeped out by the episode and had to be comforted. Eeks.