The Real Reason This Bottle Of Diva Vodka Costs $1 Million

We've heard of some outrageously priced alcoholic beverages, but Diva Vodka is at the top of the list of high-priced alcohol. A measly $20 cocktail is expensive enough to make most people start asking questions, so the cool $1 million it costs for one bottle of Diva Vodka is definitely out of most people's price range (via Complex). While most of us are not in a position to shell out that kind of money for alcohol, it definitely sparks a line of inquiry.

Does the vodka taste incredible? Is there a secret ingredient that makes it worth the price? Is it owned by a celebrity whose star power and influence make it the hottest vodka on the market? Is the process of making Diva Vodka different from normal distilling? Does it involve some closely-held, mysterious recipe known only to a very select few?

Let's break down exactly why the price tag on this alcoholic beverage is so mind-boggling.

Diva Vodka's million-dollar secret

The secret to Diva Vodka's $1 million price tag? A wand filled with crystals running down the center of the bottle. When you consider that the price not only covers the premium vodka but also purchases a tube filled with expensive precious stones — "Swarovski elements," says the website — and the prestige of indulging in such extravagance, it makes a bit more sense that it's so expensive.

According to their website, Diva Vodka is a premium vodka filtered seven times to create a smooth taste. The vodka is made from English grain. The crystal varieties are available in three colors: Blue sparkles with capri blue and sapphire crystals, green is filled with emerald and peridot, and pink shines with fuschia stones. The company suggests these hand-filled wands be kept as a keepsake of the special event the vodka was a part of. Adding to the glitz is a bracelet wrapped around each bottle, another keepsake from the occasion.

Diva Vodka could be the right choice for people with a million dollars to spare who are looking to celebrate with flair, style, and sparkle.