Andrew Zimmern Weighs In On The Hot Dog Vs. Hamburger Debate - Exclusive

Renowned chef, restaurateur, television host, and restaurant activist Andrew Zimmern has taken the food world by storm for many years. He's best known for his long run of work on "Bizarre Foods," traveling to different countries and showcasing culture through incredible food.

Now, Zimmern's latest show, "Family Dinner," is capturing America's attention as it showcases American families gathering around the table and sharing a delicious homemade meal together. The show debuted alongside the launch of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Network on Discovery+ on July 15, and it has continued to gain traction ever since.

Over the years on multiple television shows, Zimmern has certainly tried more types of food than most of us have dared to enjoy. But when asked about the classics, he still certainly has an opinion to share. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Zimmern weighed in on the great debate of hot dogs versus and hamburgers, and he even had something important to share about whether or not hot dogs are a sandwich. 

This is Zimmern's preference between hot dogs and hamburgers

Grilling up burgers or hot dogs, or preparing them stovetop, makes for a classic meal. They're the perfect vessel to pile high with toppings, and everyone can customize them to make them their own. But is one better than the other? According to Zimmern, definitely.

When asked, Zimmern said he was going to take the road less traveled and give a vote to hot dogs. Though he loves a good hamburger, hot dogs take the crown. "I love hot dogs. I love emulsified cased meat, and a hotdog is an emulsified meat and it's cased," he said. "If it's got the right snap and the right flavor, I absolutely love it, and there's lots of other sausages that extend into that realm." According to Zimmern, part of his preference is due to how much can be done with hot dogs. "I think the world of hot dogs in America is small. And if you look to other cultures and countries, the world of emulsified cased meats becomes much broader and much more interesting, and I adore them."

Another important point Zimmern made about his love for hot dogs was the great debate on whether or not it should be considered a sandwich. And for Zimmern, a hot dog definitely is a sandwich. "I think bread plus meat equals sandwich," he said. 

To watch Andrew Zimmern's latest work, check out "Family Dinner," on Magnolia Network, via Discovery +.