Why Little Caesars Mailed One TikToker A Creepy Stuffed Surprise

A few days ago, Wes the Ghost, a popular TikToker, uploaded a video of himself lying in bed next to a life-size doll replica wearing a Little Caesars t-shirt. "Not really sure what to do with myself," he admitted. "Any suggestions?" To the delight of many, Little Caesars Pizza offered suggestions of discussing his doppelgänger's thoughts and seeing if friends can tell them apart. As the company had sent Wes his doll version unsolicited, it seemed the least they could do. Other commenters seemed jealous that they have not received a customized gift. "I just bought 5 little caesars pizza!" one exclaimed, "Can I have a doppelgänger now?"

Such enthusiasm was not displayed by Wes the Ghost during the unboxing video, on which the caption read: "Thank you @littlecaesarspizza for sending one of the scariest things I have ever received in the mail!" In the box, a letter explained that since most thank you notes disappear under the dresser, Little Caesars decided to award their chosen TikToker with something more special: the doll wearing a Little Caesars t-shirt, and a matching shirt for Wes. The rest of the video consists of West the Ghost shrieking in social media hyperbole. But it is safe to say that Wes hasn't been scarred for life by this, for when Little Caesars asked what he will do with the doll, Wes replied he would grab dinner with it. But what exactly was the pizza chain thanking Wes the Ghost for?

Why did Little Caesars do this?

The most obvious reason why Little Caesars would replicate a random person in doll form is that it would get a reaction on TikTok. And, it got quite a reaction. However, according to Wes the Ghost, the company didn't randomly choose him from among their TikTok followers.

On July 27, Wes the Ghost posted a video explaining that Little Caesars follows his account because late one night, Wes had stumbled on a Little Caesars ad asking for guesses about how many pepperonis were in a glass slipper. For a reason Wes can't explain, they took the time to come up with the number 57. Wes then fell asleep, forgetting about the affair. Later, Little Caesars hit Wes up, offering to follow him and send him a gift to show their appreciation. Whether or not Wes the Ghost was right that there were 57 pieces in pepperoni in the slipper, however, was probably not as important as the 65.7K followers that his account enjoys.