The One Thing Paris Hilton Learned About Food From Her New Cooking Show - Exclusive

Cooking at home is a skill that everyone can continue to improve upon and hone. There are always new skills to sharpen, new dishes to try, and favorite recipes to perfect. And in Paris Hilton's latest streaming series, "Cooking with Paris," she does just that. Throughout the first season of the show alongside her friends and family, Hilton cooked tons of different dishes she loves but had never made. But learning to make those dishes was just the beginning. Hilton talked with Mashed about some of the things she learned about food during her new show.

The first thing Hilton improved on was learning the technical names for some kitchen tools. When we asked what she learned, Hilton immediately said, "like what a whisk is." But there were greater lessons to be discovered during the first season too. "I learned about just really having fun in the kitchen. I don't really like following rules, so I made my own cookbook with my own recipes and Paris-ized everything," Hilton said. "And I found out about edible glitter, which makes food even more beautiful to look at," she added.

Hilton believes there's a lot to look forward to in the kitchen

While edible glitter and making super cute and colorful hand-written cookbooks is certainly a fun way to learn about food, Paris Hilton is also looking forward to the future. The first season of "Cooking with Paris" inspired her to keep learning and improving. While reflecting on all of the lessons she learned about cooking and food, Hilton said, "So yeah, just how much fun you can have just being in the kitchen and cooking is what I learned." But at the end of the day, Hilton is looking forward to putting her newfound culinary skills to use for others.

"And now I can't wait for one day when I have a family and kids to just make all these things that I've learned, even on the show for them," Hilton said. "So definitely all that, some new skills for my next phase in life, which is getting married and being a mom one day," she added. It sounds as though Hilton can't wait to start that chapter of her life, and she's certainly preparing for it.

"Cooking with Paris" is now available for streaming on Netflix.