The Blender Misha Collins Swears By

Many television fans likely recognize actor Misha Collins from his role on the show "Supernatural," where he portrays the character Castiel. However, do you know the actor also has his hand in the culinary world? Back in 2019, Collins teamed up with his wife, Vicki Collins, to pen a family-friendly cookbook entitled "The Adventurous Eaters Club." The cookbook was inspired by the couple's quest for a better way to feed their two children, and Collins even had a brief YouTube cooking series featuring his sons called "Cooking With Maison & West" (via CBS Watch Magazine).

Given Collins' passion for getting in the kitchen with his family, it only makes sense that he'd have a few staple tools of the trade to turn to time and time again as he whips things up with his sons by his side. When it comes to blending things, whether he's crafting a silky smooth soup or just putting together a quick smoothie for a nutritious breakfast, Collins absolutely swears by the Vitamix blender. As he told CBS Watch Magazine, "We love it and probably use it way too much." Collins' blender preference is shared by many, many chefs and home cooks around the world — and it may be because the Vitamix products truly do seem to stand above the rest. 

Other celebrities who can't get enough of their Vitamix blenders

Many foodies and cooks have been murmuring about the power and reliability of the Vitamix blender for years, so it seems that Collins is in good company. In fact, he's not even the only celebrity who swears by this particular blender. According to Raw Blend, several prominent celebrities have raved about the brand's blenders, whether on social media or during television appearances. Actor Zac Efron created an Amazon Sports list of many items that he considers essential to his health and fitness routine, and amidst all the exercise gear like resistance bands, foam rollers and medicine balls, the Vitamix earned a spot as well (via People). 

Many celebrities who love to consume juices also swear by the Vitamix blender, such as actress Kerry Washington and actress Penelope Cruz. Model and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr even considers her Vitamix blender the key to her healthy diet (via E! News). It's even the choice of royalty, with Meghan Markle being a huge fan of the Vitamix blender as well. While her cooking style has evolved over the years, especially now that she's a mother, back in her single actress days the Vitamix was one of her kitchen staples. In a 2018 interview with Esquire, Markle revealed that she actually brought her Vitamix with her on vacation, claiming that her devotion to it was "like a commercial at this point."