Reddit Is Obsessed With This Oddly Satisfying Pudding Cup

There are some things in life that are just plain satisfying. Whether it's peeling a price sticker smoothly off an item in one piece, popping bubble wrap, or stacking items in such a way that they fit perfectly together, these simple moments can really be enjoyable to experience.

According to Professor Robert Colombo, humans find such experiences pleasant because they trigger the release of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine into the brain, which make us feel happy and relaxed, per Lemonade. One Reddit user has just found another uniquely satisfying little experience that they couldn't keep to themselves, so they decided to share the experience with social media: A chocolate pudding cup, which they had opened so cleanly that the pudding stayed a perfectly smooth swirl like it had just been served, while the tin foil lid remained completely spotless."I don't think I've ever opened a more satisfying pudding cup," u/girthytacos posted to Reddit, along with a picture of the perfectly opened pudding cup.

Reddit users found the perfectly opened pudding cup satisfying

Many other Reddit users were also oddly mesmerized by the pristine pudding cup. "That does look satisfying. Yummy too," u/GlitteringApricot256 replied. "Oh that's lovely! I want pudding now," u/StaceyNCReddit agreed. Some people even found the pudding cup a little too satisfying. "I could not eat it like that. I would have to stir the heck out of it," u/Nabu_Gamer posted, while another user joked "I would still lick the top of the foil." "I wish I could've seen the pudding during the manufacturing phase, because with that design on the top, it would've been satisfying as hell to see the cup filled up," u/pastelrosepearl remarked.

A chocolate pudding cup is the perfect little treat in and of itself, but adding this uniquely satisfying experience of taking the lid off just makes it even better. After all, it is important to enjoy the little things in life, and it sure seems admiring this oddly satisfying pudding cup is something that just about everyone on social media can enjoy.