People Are Confused By Chick-Fil-A's Newest Points Reward

Earlier in the year, Chick-fil-A announced it was adding additional tiers to its popular rewards program (via The Chicken WIre). The lowest tier, One Members, gets 10 points per dollar spent, while the highest one, Signature Members, gets 13 points per dollar, giving super fans of the chicken chain the opportunity to gain even more bang for their buck. However, along with those changes were additional reward offerings, some tied to membership tier levels, and one of the newest ones has Redditors in a bit of a state.

A recent Reddit post by user Royal_Commission9286 notes that Chick-fil-A is currently offering 30 chicken nuggets for 3,000 points for Signature One Members, or 100 points each. But when you can get more nuggets for fewer points, the 3,000 point offer doesn't seem like anything special. Some Redditors on the thread argued that redeeming points for the high-count box wasn't a good deal, even for higher-ranking members, because they could just as easily spend 2,800 points for 32 nuggets by selecting them in a smaller size. User KTOAU wrote, "Just doesn't make sense to me. 8ct is 700 points so why would you not just get 4 of these, save 200 points and get 2 extra nuggets."

To maximize your Chick-fil-A points, you should keep the points-spent-to-dollar-value ratio low. Or as it's framed in this case, spend the least points for the most food.

People seem to have a number of issues with the reward system

Some people who responded to the Reddit post debated whether the 30-piece nugget offer is exclusively available for people with Signature Member status or those in the Red tier were also able to access it. However, one user said, "Arguing over the redemption of 30 nuggets is silly," later pointing out that it made no sense to find out because "we all know it's not a good deal."

Other posters on the Reddit thread got distracted by the original poster Royal_Commission9286 seeming to have 22,000-plus points in the bank. At 10-13 points per dollar, that means as much as $2,200 spent to get that level of rewards. One self-described Chick-fil-A employee claimed that sometimes people put in large catering orders — sometimes $16,000 or greater — and they can earn points for those purchases as well. However, the OP responded, "I really like Chick-Fil-A."

It turns out a lot of Rewards members aren't fans of the new system. "Dislike New point system," user Genesiga complained. "Sure cool I Earn 1 more points per dollar ohh but now I get less often free rewards then when I had red status ugh lameee!!" On a Reddit thread announcing the Signature One status, people complained that Chick-fil-A had hiked up the number of points needed for redemptions. As user kamile0n said, "What a crock. The signature status showed up, and the 13 points per dollar SOUNDS good, until you realize that a free meal is now 200-300 points higher."