Instagram Is Losing It Over This Photo Of Martha Stewart's Cat In A Bowl

Imagine being a house cleaner in the palatial estate that is Martha Stewart's farm home in Bedford, New York (via Today). Forget the fear of being followed by the domestic goddess herself, on you like white on rice to make sure you're folding a fitted sheet correctly or organizing the linen closet by the country in which the flax plants were sourced. The real question is, when you come across a grumpy-looking, probably expensive, cat sitting in a porcelain bowl, what do you make of it? Is this a new cleaning technique, in which the fibers from a long-haired, Persian calico absorb the hard-to-see-stains with their antimicrobial qualities? Is it a DIY pet housing project, in which priceless porcelain is up-cycled (down-cyled?) to become a stylish, crafty alternative to the run-of-the-mill cat bed? A problem to be solved?

Luckily for us, all we have to do is admire the cat-in-a-bowl conundrum from afar, not decide what to do about it. In a recent Instagram post with over 27,000 likes, Stewart shared images of her squashy-faced cats – the kind known for having Resting Irked Face – enjoying newfound freedom on her farm. Apparently, Stewart's dogs are "on vacation," creating space for the felines to traipse carelessly about the house, glare at camera-wielding passersby, and sit in countertop bowls with reckless abandon. "Mine do the same thing!" follower @carol.brock commented on the post. Another user, @pennyblossoms, asked (perhaps seriously), "where do we register to become Martha's cats?"

Fancy farm life for Stewart's felines

Being Martha Stewart's cat is a nice job if you can get it. The original lifestyle influencer and Snoop Doggy Dog's good friend is a real pet lover and takes five-star, non-compromising care of her feline friends, Empress Tang and Princess Peony, whose names we did not make up. "They love to be washed, nails to be cut, faces to be washed every day, their ears to be cleaned very gently," Stewart told Today of the calico Persian sisters. Stewart goes on to explain that – despite what the cat-in-a-bowl photo might suggest – she has also strategically placed Martha Stewart-brand cat beds and soft towels in cozy, sunlit spots around the house.

These pampered cats look the part. Stewarts' Instagram fans called them "gorgeous," "cuties," "beauties," or noted the "majestic faces and fur" of the breed. The bowl-cat, of course, stole hearts and won heart emojis. Someone declared her a "big bowl of puddy." And @karenmarshall2002 said the image "made my day."

Despite Stewart's best efforts, those pretty kitties have been known to cause a bit of kitty mischief. "Persians are a little notorious for being a little inconsiderate," Stewart said carefully in a conversation about litter boxes. But lest you worry that the queen of clean has rebellious cats leaving inconsiderate surprises around the house and monopolizing all her best cooking bowls, worry not. Stewart uses odor-eliminating kitty litter (appropriately named PrettyLitter) that also changes color to track her cats' health.