The Truth About The 17,000-Calorie Breakfast Dubbed The 'Terminator Armageddon'

If "Man V. Food" is any indication, we're living in a world that is fascinated by bizarre eating challenges. In fact, there's a whole world of competitive eating out there — and anyone that wants to participate in it, let alone win a matchup, has to go through some pretty hardcore training and have an iron stomach to do so.

The most recent obstacle in the world of mammoth food challenges has been set by a café in Doncaster, UK by the name of Shepards Place Farm (via Ladbible). Owner Ted Phillips has challenged his loyal customer base, and anyone across the world that wants to visit, to polish off a full English breakfast in an hour. The only catch? The breakfast, or "Terminator Armageddon" as Phillips calls it, is made of 150 items, contains 17,000 calories, and has been deemed to be "UK's biggest English breakfast" (per Ladbible).

The "Terminator Armageddon" meal contains 15 pieces of bacon, 15 slices of toasted bread with butter, 15 portions of black pudding, 15 hash browns, 15 fried eggs, and 15 portions each of mushrooms, baked beans, and tinned tomatoes. Yikes. The breakfast also has 15 jumbo Lincolnshire sausages, which is said to be the equivalent of 30 regular-size sausages.

The massive breakfast spread weights between 15 to 20 pounds and is priced at £50, but if you do manage to win the challenge and finish the whole plate, you get your money back.

Shepards Place Farm has a history of outlandish food challenges

In an interview with Ladbible, the restaurant's owner Ted Phillips said that, "We are renowned for our breakfasts and we are proud to now be the home of the largest breakfast in the UK." And, it's not the first time that his café has been home to the most sizable meal in the country — he just keeps upping the ante.

Shepards Place Farm first introduced the "Terminator Armageddon" plate to its customers a few years ago, albeit a smaller version (via Story Trender). First there was the cafe's £7.50 breakfast challenge, but people found it a little too easy. So, Phillips brought out the "Terminator 2," a 64-item spread. When that got old, "Terminator 3" was introduced in 2019, which was hailed as the largest breakfast in the world at the time (via Derby Telegraph). That one was made of 135 breakfast items and cost £20. 

More surprising than the challenge itself was the person who managed to win it. A 20-year-old professional eater by the name of Kyle Gibson managed to wipe off the entire breakfast in 28 minutes and even had space for ten scoops of ice cream afterwards. As a reward, his name went up on the cafe's wall of fame and he got breakfast on the house for a year.

After a brief setback due to COVID-19 shutdowns, the café came out with a new burger challenge last year — a 10.5-pound burger that is the equivalent of 40 quarter pounders and aptly labeled as the Vikings Burger. Now, Shepards Place Farm has opened its doors again with the toughest challenge in the cafe's history, this 17,000 calorie breakfast with a whopping 150 items. Could you do it?