Over 38% Agree This Is Best Brand Of Peanut Butter

Savory with the perfect blend of salty and sweet; creamy or crunchy, depending on your personal preferences; and absolutely delicious when paired with chocolate, apples, or plain white bread: Of course, we're talking about peanut butter! Peanut butter is something of an American specialty that is enjoyed across the country in many forms. In 2020, almost 300 million American consumers ate the delicious gooey stuff (via Statista).

Although there are many fans of peanut butter, there is an ongoing debate over what type is the best. As investigated by Thrillist, some favor creamy textures while some prefer the crunch of peanut included in their savory snack. Each brand typically offers a version of both creamy and crunchy, and most consumers have a loyalty to the brand that creates the perfect texture, flavor, and overall experience. Most of us would never dream of straying from our favorite peanut butter brand.

Mashed conducted a survey to find out which brand of peanut butter our readers prefer, and the results are here below.

More than 117 million Americans ate this peanut butter last year

The Mashed survey results are in, and more than 38% of respondents agree on their favorite brand of peanut butter. That top spot goes to Jif, which received 38.31% of votes in our survey of 603 respondents in the United States. This makes total sense, as the brand has high name recognition in grocery stores and 117.31 million American consumers ate Jif brand peanut butter in 2020, according to the United States Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey (via Eat This, Not That).

When we asked our readers what the best brand of peanut butter was, Jif brand was leaps and bounds ahead of all competitors, with the runner-up spot going to Skippy with 22.89% of our respondents claiming it was their favorite brand. Peter Pan came in third at 15.09% reporting that it is their favorite brand, followed by Smucker's at 10.12%.

The bottom three brands were Justin's (6.30%), Reese's (4.48%), and Planters (2.82%).