'Warm Drink' Is Trending On Twitter And It's Way Less Sketchy Than It Sounds

At 8:54 am today, "warm drink" became the fourth most trending topic on Twitter in the country, as measured by Tweeplers. This marked the high point of the trend, which spent the rest of the day bouncing between eleventh and sixth place. Those who noticed this vague-yet-visceral phrase trending throughout the day may have worried that it signaled a new depravity from the seedy underbelly of the internet, as these things unfortunately tend to go. Those who worried should not. As it turns out, "warm drink" refers to... warm drinks.

"Warm drink" is one part of a series of prompts for people to answer out of a belief that the preferences will reveal a lot about them. Twitter users have been posting about their preferred style of eggs, how they like their steak, what type of milk they drink, their favorite alcohol, and — surprise! — their warm drink of choice. Of course, this is the internet, so some people did take the time to answer the prompt with various bodily fluids. In one case, someone said "boiled gasoline," and in another, tears. The vast majority, however, stuck to the spirit of the questions. As some users noted with mild amusement, the way that Twitter displays trends meant that the word warm drink appeared over "Medium rare, eggs."

We can guess the shape of the answers

Unsurprisingly, the most popular hot (well, warm) drinks were teas, coffees, and hot chocolates. However, as of writing, people are still responding to the prompts in large numbers, so a definitive sense of what people prefer is lacking.

That said, the debate is an old one, so we have data to fuel estimates. Galaxie Coffee Blog explains that while hot chocolate is a viable answer, many view it as more of a dessert or treat. In other words, it is not a daily drink in the same way coffee and tea is. So, those who specifically state that they prefer hot chocolate are far fewer. Between coffee and tea, preferences traditionally skew towards coffee. However, due to the perceived healthiness of tea, more and more younger people are gravitating towards it over coffee.

So, perhaps what hot drink you like does indeed tell the world something about yourself. The bigger question, then, might be why this prompt prefers the term "warm drink." There's just something off about how it sounds.