The Most Popular Yogurtland Flavors Might Surprise You - Exclusive

If you've ever been to Yogurtland, then you know that you'll almost always find something you like. The chain was one of the first self-serve frozen yogurt brands to hit the market, and 15 years later, it remains the largest and fastest-growing one out there today, per the chain. So how does Yogurtland stay ahead of the game? If you ask the CEO, Phillip Chang, he'll tell you it comes down to great flavors and lots of them. "We offer about 24 flavors a year," Chang says. And over the past decade and a half, Yogurtland has developed more than 200 flavors. That means there's something for just about everyone at Yogurtland.

And even if your dream flavor isn't available, that doesn't mean it won't be soon. "We're known for offering new items and new ideas all the time," Chang says, adding, "We have an amazing [research and development] team... that's our strength." In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Chang shared the chain's strategy for creating new flavors that keep customers coming back for more. We also asked him what the most popular flavors are at Yogurtland, and the answer just might surprise you.

Yogurtland's most popular flavor is ... all of them

While it might seem like a simple matter of numbers to determine the most popular flavors at Yogurtland, CEO Phillip Chang says it's a little more complicated than that. And that's by design. Chang told Mashed that the company strategically develops and monitors its flavor offerings so that all the frozen yogurt is pretty equally loved across the board. "When we plan the flavors, we try to have all those flavors be evenly spread. We don't want to have one certain flavor that we rely on too much," Chang explained.

So how does Yogurtland make that strategy work? According to Chang, he and his team of experts "look at it and ask how we can build other flavors as strong as those most popular. We always try to build on that. Because of that effort, our flavors are quite evenly spread out." And it turns out there are some numbers involved. For example, if Yogurtland is offering 16 flavors at any given point, Chang says, "each flavor will have maybe a 6%, 7% spread. Some are higher, but they don't even go more than 10%. And the lower ones don't go below 2%."

But nothing can beat the classics

While Yogurtland works diligently to offer flavors that everyone will love, CEO Phillip Chang does admit that at the end of the day, the classics usually edge out all the rest, even if slightly. "Tart is of course the number one favorite," says Chang. That's followed by other basic flavors like "vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, which is boring," he says, "but people, they love it." Chang also mentioned that cookies and cream is a big hit among customers.

However, it's also worth noting that one of Yogurtland's newer, and more unique flavors is quickly making its way into customers' hearts and stomachs. Chang and his team told Mashed that their vegan Plant-Based Salted Chocolate Souffle sold out in just two weeks after it was launched in January 2020, and again in November 2020 when it was brought back by popular demand. And good news for fans of the new flavor — Yogurtland also said that it has plans to bring it back again, with a larger inventory this time.

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