The McDonald's Breakfast Burrito That's Only Available In A Few States

Everyone knows that steak and eggs are a classic brunch pair. McDonald's has even made a breakfast burrito with this legendary combination! Unfortunately, this special menu item is only available in New York, Arizona, California, and New Mexico, according to The Travel. This isn't even a new phenomenon — it's been this way since the burrito was created for the chain in 1991.

In fact, many people who have them at their local McDonald's are surprised at how they aren't a national menu item. For example, Reddit user @bob101910, wrote, "Are these regional? Are there plans to roll them out elsewhere? Is my region the odd one for not having them?"

To answer this user's question, it is actually more odd for your region to offer this menu item than to not, and we're not entirely sure why. After all, it has such glowing reviews by food critics, including GrubGrade, who gave it a taste rating of 9.5/10 and said they "have to wait with bated breath hoping this burrito becomes a permanent addition to the McD's breakfast menu."

Why it's only available in certain locations

We can think of a few reasons as to why McDonald's limits the sales of this breakfast burrito to these four states. McDonald's has its fair share of popular breakfast items, so not offering the steak and egg breakfast burrito everywhere isn't too much of a loss. Customers already have to decide between tasty choices like the Sausage Egg McMuffin and Hotcakes, so giving them more options might slow down the processing time at the drive-thru.

In addition, McDonald's has plenty of unique menu items that vary in availability by region. These include a biscuits and gravy dish, which is only available in the South, of course. Likewise, we know that international McDonald's have menu offerings that differ greatly from those in the United States, such as sweet spaghetti and fake truffle fries.

Plus, if you don't live in an area that serves the steak and egg burrito, that only provides more incentive to take a road trip and head on over to one that does!