This Airborne Car Crashed Into A Wendy's Seating Area. Here's What We Know

Police in South Brunswick, New Jersey tweeted that it was a miracle. A car drove off a highway in the central part of the state, launched into the air, and struck a Wendy's restaurant full of customers, according to a report from the police department, posted on Nixle. The errant vehicle even collided with another car waiting in the drive-thru line, causing that vehicle to hit the building, too. Security video included in the police tweet shows the airborne vehicle from one angle, then a different camera shows the car crashing into the building and a row of outdoor tables. No one, including the driver, was seriously hurt.

"This is nothing short of a miracle that no one was seriously injured or killed in this crash," South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka said. "To think it was the middle of the day, people were eating both inside and outside, and none of them were injured. The building was damaged to the point it can't be used, but everyone eating was able to walk away."

A child in the vehicle waiting in the drive-thru line said they were in pain, so their family took them to the hospital as a precaution, WJHL reported. Emergency responders extricated the driver who caused the crash, and they were in stable condition when taken to a hospital by ambulance.

No one was seriously hurt after an airborne car struck a Wendy's

The cars that collided with a Wendy's in New Jersey shattered windows, sending shards of glass throughout the restaurant's interior, according to the South Brunswick Police report. One car also narrowly missed a family eating at one of the outside tables along the front of the building. The Wendy's was closed for safety reasons. Building inspectors were going to assess the extent of the damage. Police suspect the driver of the Toyota Corolla that left Highway 130 and crashed into the Wendy's had experienced a medical episode.

The dramatic collision was that much more spectacular due to how high in the air the vehicle went before landing on a car in the Wendy's drive-thru line at exactly 1 p.m. on August 16 (via Twitter). After leaving the highway, the Toyota traveled through a lawn and up a grass berm, which served as a ramp and a launch point for the vehicle.

Only because no one was seriously hurt, people on Twitter decided it was appropriate to make light of the incident. After all, a pop culture reference was out there, waiting to be made. "Looks like them Duke boys got themselves in a whole heap of trouble again," @CoolJetta3 tweeted.