The Super Relatable Way That Idina Menzel Might Be 'Embarrassing' Her Son At Lunchtime

As summer comes to an end and the smell of fall starts to waft through the air, the season of back-to-school begins. For many kids, this means leaving remote learning behind to packing backpacks and actually heading to a physical classroom for the first time in a while.

Among such kids is an 11 year-old whose mom you may have heard of. She's Idina Menzel, famous for voicing Elsa in the "Frozen" movies and appearing in Broadway hits like "Wicked." In an interview with People, she spoke about the anxiety of sending her son Walker Nathaniel back to school after such a long time. As worrying as the current circumstances caused by the pandemic are, she hopes that kids and their teachers will be safe.

Rather than stressing about their own parental worries, Menzel thinks parents should also start asking how their kids are feeling in such times, adding that it's important to show more love and support to them now than ever before. To help, Menzel has partnered up Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats for their 365 Days of Love and Support Kits, which includes limited-edition new wrappers. The wrappers have a blank heart-shaped section that allows parents to write little notes for kids to put in their lunch boxes — a tradition she admits that her son probably finds quite embarrassing.

Menzel's lunchbox tradition has been passed down from her own mother

Menzel admits in an Instagram video that her mom used to leave sweet notes for Menzel in her school lunch box, too. The notes were a way of letting Menzel know that her parents loved her every day. Menzel now wishes to pass on the family tradition by leaving "I love you" notes in her son's lunch box, even if he finds it embarrassing. She says that each morning she really sits down to have a think about what her son might want to hear that day, and then writes it down in a love note.

Menzel's partnership with Rice Krispies Treats is inspired by this sweet family tradition. Anyone can enter the Kelloggs' giveaway for a chance to win Rice Krispies Treats 365 Days of Love and Support Kit. The kit comes with a daily planner which has all sorts of prompts for lunch box note inspiration and a marker to write heartfelt (and embarrassing) notes — basically everything you need for the school year. The best part? The winner also gets a year's supply of Rice Krispies Treats! Not only that, but all participants will get a digital note from Menzel herself. Seems like a pretty sweet deal!